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The Miami Hurricanes basketball team had arguably the greatest postseason runs in program history last year, largely due to elite guard
play and the offense’s ability to create mismatches on the floor with the small ball lineup. Jordan Miller was really the unsung MVP of this team though with his versatility on both offense and defense, overall hustle, unselfishness, and his elite court awareness.

Jordan Miller was arguably the most efficient player on both ends of the floor in the ACC last season, he ended the season ranked in the top 5 in almost every efficiency statistic in conference games in the ACC. Miller’s offensive role was limited last season due to the scoring abilities of the trio of guards in McGusty, Moore, and Wong, but he found various other ways to make an impact on

the game. Miller wasn’t one of the first options on offense, but the team performed at an elite level when he was able to score. Miami was 15-2 in games when Miller scored double digits.

In the first play of the video you will see Jordan Miller’s elite court awareness, he recognizes that no one is going to box him out, everyone is too busy watching Wong drive to the basket so he has free reign to get the offensive rebound and putback. Next play, Miller recognizes that his man is going to help defend Charlie Moore driving to the basket, which gives Miller the opportunity to get great positioning to get the putback.

One of my favorite things about Miller’s offensive game is his offball movement and ability to score offball, this is on display in this clip against Duke. Paolo Banchero is guarding Miller in the corner. Banchero gets caught watching the ball, Miller recognizes this and cuts to the basket and gets the easy lay-in.

Let’s move on to what Miller can do with the ball in his hands. Miller uses that elite awareness to drive when he knows he has a mismatch or when the defense is out of position. Jordan Miller uses that quick first step to get to the basket and that 7-foot wingspan to easily finish the lay in.

In this next clip you will see how active Jordan Miller is on the defensive side of the floor. The play starts with him defending the back door, then helping off to stop the big man from rolling to the basket, then he helps off again to close off a driving lane after Isaiah Wong closes out too hard, and then finally he gets back to his guy and boxes him out to get the rebound.

Miller’s defense is vastly underrated in my opinion. He was by far the best help side defender, there were countless times where he bailed the team out during a defensive lapse.

Miller ended the season on a high note averaging 14 PPG on 65 FG%, 7 REB (including 2.4 OFFREB), and 2 STLS a game in the month of March, and I fully expect him to build on this success for next year. Coach L has already come out and said that Miller will play more on the perimeter next season, and with his versatility and unselfishness there is no doubt that he will be one of the leaders of this team.

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