Recruiting BIO: Jaden Rashada ’23

Jaden Rashada is a silky smooth gunslinger from Pittsburg, California. Weighing in at 185 pounds and listed at 6’4″, Rashada has plenty of room to fill the frame. Rashada compiled impressive 21-22 season stats during his Junior campaign at Pittsburg High School. 2220 via the air, 27 touchdowns vs. only 5 interceptions.

Arm Strength: Plenty of arm strength to factor well in the vertical passing game. Very adept to hit the seam ball and get playmakers the ball in traffic. Mechanically he posses arm stroke repeatability and shows arm adaptability that factors well in the RPO game. Has touch to fit the ball over a defender and then can hit that extra gear while throwing with intent.

Arm Accuracy: Holds a career .574 accuracy rating which can be offset by vertical passing attack features of the offense. Very rhythmic passer who can deliver the ball on time when the parameters of the play are in sync. Shows an ability to be accurate when flushed from the pocket and on alt platform throws. Has the arm confidence to fit the ball in tight windows.

Mobility: Offensive coordinator is not shy about rolling him in the pocket. A pass first mindset however the recruit shows that he’s zone read capable and beyond in the run game. You can develop quarterback run plays with great efficacy and he can chunk up a defense if the play breaks down.

Pocket Game: Has good sense when to hold them and when to fold them. His pocket presence and escape-ability is one of the strongest traits he displays on film. Stands tough in the pocket and lets the play develop and conversely can elongate the play and make something happen on the fly. Can be very dangerous in the passing game when the play breaks down.

Rashada is obviously a quarterback one and shares the same quarterback coach as Tennessee commit Nico Iamaleava. Rashada is a pro. I love the way he commands the game and has this innate calmness about him. The game isn’t hectic or going too fast and his ability to process the field and own it is evident.

His HUDL Highlight clip of the night was watching a blitz come through, eluding a couple defenders, elongating the play horizontally and then placing a perfect touch pass over the top. That quantified the term “playmaker” perfectly. A 4.90 Orange Recruit. This is a take. A big one.

About the Author: Roman Marciante

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