Next Level Film Review: QB Emory Williams ’23

Emory Williams was recently offered by the University of Miami Hurricanes. This 6-4.5 190 pound under the radar gem reigns from Milton,
Florida. In nine games, he threw for 2,168 yards with 16 TD’s to go against three INT. Williams also added 64 rushing yards and four more
scores on the ground. Miami Hurricane quarterback’s coach Frank Ponce is listed as the lead recruiter for the signal caller.

Arm Strength: Factors well in the middle of the field and seam routes. Milton’s High school offensive coordinator is not afraid to call shots for Williams. Saw effortless 45 yard strike with plenty more in the tank. While not being in the howitzer/bazooka class of quarterbacks in terms of arm strength, Williams can hit the nine route in time and gives his wide receiver a chance on the outside.

Arm Accuracy: In nine games Williams completed over 63 percent of his passes. Shows really good accuracy and can be accurate from different platforms. Shows repeatable arm stroke when in time and in rhythm and shows accuracy while circumnavigating the pocket. Williams habitually showed arm confidence in making the tight window throw. He can repeatedly make the perfect throw where only his receiver can make the catch. The signal caller shows the ability to factor well in the RPO game as well.

Mobility: Has the ability to contribute in rollouts. Zone read capable quarterback who can pick up a first down with his feet and shows some athleticism and fluidity in his movements.

Pocket Game: This is an elate trait for Williams. He senses the pocket and where to go with an inherent feel equivalent to a “spidey-sense.” Naturally avoids the sack and a lot of the success in his offense was contingent upon his movements in the pocket. Time and time again Williams would avoid danger and can work the pocket effortlessly. Climbs the pocket well and is a throw first prospect who won’t routinely abandon the play for the sake of running.

Williams shocked a few fans when he received an offer and wasn’t ranked by other publications. Under the radar prospects with this sort of talent wont fly so low for so long. When you couple the fact his team finished 6-6 and he isn’t as active as some other high profile QB’s on the camp scene, you understand the rating. This was a good offer by the Miami Hurricanes.

His “Next Level” highlight clip of the night for me was the back to back to back to back clips of him finding the pocket and delivering the absolute strike. That is something that will translate on the next level. This is a 4 Orange Recruit. 4.05. He is a very accurate and a damn good high school quarterback. Debate your mamma. #BANG

About the Author: Roman Marciante

Born and raised in South Florida. Local Boy. Husband. Tali and Franco’s dad. “Hey grandpa, is there a local college team we can watch?” “Do they throw the ball?” They don’t run the option do they?” Thus the love affair was born. Proud supporter of St Thomas Aquinas Raider nation and alum. One day got in a studio with two other buddy’s and started a conversation about a local team and the rest was history. A former pro athlete who secretly had a CIA job and some people call “Chief.” Yells “Bang” a lot. “It is not wrong, it is just different.” Managing Editor for the OBB Legend, host of X’s and Ro and Student of the Game connoisseur. I still remember the day I beat Mike Tyson in a fight. 007-373-5963. Thanks for all your help Mac. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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