#1 Introduce yourself and expectations of Mario year 1

Hello, Im Steve Kim, long-time Hurricanes fan from the west coast. Best known for covering the boxing beat. While that’s my profession, my passion is Miami football.

OK, so what are my expectations for the Mario Hurricanes in 2022? It’s pretty simple, win every game you are reasonably expected to (and given that they are in the ACC Coastal, they will be the favorite in a majority of games. But here’s the litmus test: how do they perform this season against Texas A@M and then Clemson.

In recent years, Miami has not just lost these type of games, but more alarmingly not really competed all that well. Now, if they can actually win one of these on the road, Miami might really have a special season. But the floor for me is about 9 wins, the ceiling winning the Coastal and double-digit victory total.

#2 A new Miami hurricane stadium should have?

That’s an interesting question, because believe it or not, I like the new-and-improved Hard Rock. As I went to the Notre Dame game in 2017, I said to myself, ‘If they could ever start winning consistently, this is a great homefield advantage for UM.” It just feels like South Florida that stadium. But should Miami get a new stadium to itself, what should it have?

Very simple — a dominant team. We have to be realistic here, like Los Angeles (where I reside), Miami is not your classic college town. When USC is mediocre, the Coliseum is half-empty. That’s life in the big city. This isn’t Happy Valley, or Lincoln, Nebraska. A new stadium for the Hurricanes have all the bells-and-whistles, but in South Florida, only a big winner will make people come to the yard.

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