ROUNDTABLE: A New Miami Hurricane Stadium Should Have

Roman Marciante: If the Miami Hurricanes have the opportunity to build an iconic stadium to match one of the most iconic brands in football? You must at least explore the possibility. Where some would want a brick-by-brick recreation of the Orange Bowl, I disagree. Think innovative, think bold, think modern. A retractable roof, a kick ass sound system, LED lights, built in smoke machines, club levels and delectable food choices are a must. Lastly it needs to house no more than 50k with club level options. You can make this one of the loudest stadiums in the country with fans essentially on top of the action.

Jason Hudgins: A new Miami hurricanes stadium is an interesting topic. If Miami was to have a stadium close to campus, I would like to see a retractable roof for those Miami afternoon rain showers. I would also like to see a ring of honor display that includes the championships and accolades from the past with the players & coaches that help build the U. Two more things would be Orange Bowl in the name and seats with backs throughout the stadium, not middle school bleachers that Doak has. Can’t wait to hopefully continue with this conversation of a potential stadium for a while.

Marshall Thomas: I love Hard Rock Stadium and think when it’s actually full and people go to games, it can be an incredible home field
advantage. Having said that, if they want to build a new stadium, why not. (As long as it has a pool so he can jump into so he can create my next GIF)

Lance Roffers: A new Hurricane stadium should have a replica of the West End Zone of the Orange Bowl. It should have built-in quirks to allow Miami to use the weather to their advantage. After that, just give me natural grass.

Leeds: I think the one thing I really want to see from the new Hurricanes stadium is for the entire top of the stadium to be flooded
with smoke when our players run through it, so that broadcasts will show the field and then when we take the field you’ll see the stadium just become this storm cloud basically, I think it would look amazing! I want all the smoke, just like WE DO!!

Shelton Douthett: The new stadium should have a tribute to the Orange Bowl. It must have a huge mural of some grand hall acknowledging the old icon.

Max Bukovec: First and foremost, the overhang that we have been spoiled with HRS, keeps the sun out and the noise in. Secondly, I fully support the idea of a craft beer only bar full of local crafts. I’d also support the idea of embracing the local food and local shops and take advantage of the local culture. Massive parking options must be available as well.

Tony Valdes: I would love our new stadium to be a modern version of the OB. A half roof, similar to what Hard Rock Stadium has, is an absolute must. Also, a nice selection for the local flavors of Miami, with lots of Hispanic food options and beer selections from the great micro-brews in the South Florida.

About the Author: Roman Marciante

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