ROUNDTABLE: Meet the OBB Legends/Mario Year One Expectations

Roman Marciante from Ft Lauderdale, Fl. Managing Editor for the Legend. Asked my grandfather who the local team was when I was five and if they threw the ball. My grandfather was a Nebraska alumnus and at a young age I knew option football was boring. Thus, my long-lasting lover affair with the University of Miami was born.

RM: The Mario era is off to an incredible start. The coaching staff he assembled is the proverbial who’s who and the team is improving almost daily via the portal. My tempered side has the Canes having a winning season and a bowl win. The bravado side says we are going to win the coastal. The reality is we could do both.

Jason Hudgins from Valdosta, Ga. Diehard Miami Hurricane fan from practically birth and Site Captain for the OBB Legend.

JH: So this 2022 season is Mario Cristobal’s first year as Head Coach of the Miami Hurricanes, what a time to be a Miami fan. Although I am very excited to have Mario, my expectations are tempered. I have the Hurricanes at a 9-3 record. Losses to TAMU, Clemson & a surprise whoopsie to a team like Virginia or someone equivalent.

Marshall Thomas Originally from South Florida grew up going to games in the Orange Bowl. Site Captain for the OBB Legend.

MT: My expectations for Mario and Miami year one, I think winning 9-10 games and Coastal is not only doable but expected.

Lance Roffers: Understanding the why and how something occurs has led me to a love of watching film and studying data. Many times, I will see something live and thing one thing, only to study the tape later and see exactly what actually happened. My style will be to marry quantitative and qualitative analysis and bring you my interpretation of the process. Maybe we can all learn together.

LR: Expectations for Mario Cristobal in his first year are high. I expect to see a physical team that dominates lower tier programs, rather than struggling to win a 4th quarter game. I expect to win the Coastal this year. With the resources being spent on the football program compared to other schools in our division, there is no honeymoon period.

Leeds: I am a super passionate Miami Hurricanes football fan first and foremost but I root for Miami in every sport. My love for the game started with my best friend who is now in the NFL, getting a chance to be a WR at UGA. He introduced me to staff, coaches and helped me understand enough of the game that I was able to follow what was happening. When Coach Richt left for MIAMI, I followed him and the rest was history!

L: I think my expectation for this 2022 Miami squad is tricky… I know we have a first round QB (we got to get him some more playmakers though). I KNOW we have a top 5 RB stable in the nation. I know we have a top 5 staff in the nation, and I know we have a top 5 HC in the nation. I THINK we have a top 10-15 team right NOW. I think we make the CFP if we get to Charlotte. So, for me? It’s NY6 as a floor. We have the talent, we have the coaching, we have everything we need to win our first NY6 game in quite a while at minimum, but we must get to Charlotte first.

Shelton Douthett: Hello canesfam, I’m Shelton aka da12thman best known as “that guy in the uniform.” I will be acting as contributor and the brand ambassador for the OBB Legend.

SD: If I’m going to ride the hype machine and trust the hype is real, my expectation for Mario is the ACC Championship. That’s the ceiling. But we, as fans, got to give him his time to implement his way of coaching and style of play.

Max Bukovec Legend Baseball Writer, passion for all things Hurricanes athletics, with a specialty in Canes baseball and football. Proud
graduate of Western Carolina University.

MB: My expectations for 2022 Miami Hurricanes are to be a tough physical team. I expect the offense to take advantage of having TVD and a stable of running backs to fit into Gattis’ offense. The “Three Amigos” along with the addition of Jaleel Skinner will give TVD a ton of offensive weapons. Defensively, I think the combination of Kevin Steele and LB coach Charlie Strong, will turn this defense to the potential of being competitive more than they were under the previous regime. Very excited to watch the development of young talent like James Williams and Tae Williams. I expect a 9-3 season with a coastal division title.

Tony Valdes Life-long Canes fan. Born and raised in A-Rod’s hood of Kendall. My Canes fandom started early in my life, as an impressionable 10-year-old kid being taken on a tour of Greentree and seeing practice in 1996 as a birthday present from my aunt and my parents. Since then, the obsession has been real. From the highest of highs to the absolute lowest of lows, I will ride or die for the orange and green.

TV: My expectations for the program this season are nothing astronomical. I just ask to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat and stop getting embarrassed by good teams. Is that too much to ask?

About the Author: Legend Staff

The Legend Staff is comprised of some of the hungriest young writers in South Florida. They are the cogs in the Legend engine that nobody knows. If you need to put a face to them, think minions with Canes tattoos. Unless thinking that is a copyright violation. In that case just think of them as worker ants. Easily removed with a magnifying glass if they get out of line.

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