Baseball Team Swept Out of ACC Tourney

The second half swoon for the Miami Baseball Team continued in the ACC Tournament in Charlotte. Miami entered as the #3 seed and top ranked team in the 3-team pod. They ended up losing both games, first to NC State and today to Wake Forest in a game that was called for the Mercy Rule. That’s right, we got Mercy Ruled…This has to be bottom, right?

This team was flying high in April and they ascended the national rankings to #2…Then, they went 12-12 the rest of the way. Which team is real, the 27-6 squad the first half of the season or the 12-12 squad? 24 games isn’t a small sample size. Head Coach Gino DiMare needs to figure something out with Regionals coming up next weekend. If he doesn’t and it’s another early exit, there is going to be a very vocal portion of the fanbase voicing their displeasure with him.

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