UM Student Athletes Dominating in the Classroom

We’ve all made jokes about collegiate athletes and the classes some of them take. While funny, they are pretty inaccurate. We spend lots of time on this website discussing, debating, cheering and being ornery about what happens on the field, and rightly so. But these are college athletes and Miami is a university. Classes are being held, attendance taken and outside of the bubble that is athletics, these kids are studying during the week as well. When something comes out that celebrates that, we will discuss and cheer that as well.

The NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate or APR has been around for almost 20 years. It was implemented to give athletic departments a four-year rolling score of how well they were servicing student athletes, and by servicing, I mean passing classes and graduating. For the most part, it seems to have been effective. Every year they release the scores with 1,000 being the highest and 930 being the minimum score without suffering penalties.

For the 2020-01 school year, the University of Miami student athletes killed it! The football team achieved an all-time best score of 997, while nine different squads got a perfect 1,000. (men’s basketball, men’s cross country, women’s cross country, men’s diving, golf, soccer, women’s swimming and diving, women’s tennis and volleyball).

University of Miami APR Scores
Multi-Year APR: 971; 2020-21 APR: 987

Men’s Basketball
Multi-Year APR: 990; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Women’s Basketball
Multi-Year APR: 986; 2020-21 APR: 961

Men’s Cross Country
Multi-Year APR: 1,000; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Women’s Cross Country
Multi-Year APR: 1,000; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Men’s Diving
Multi-Year APR: 1,000; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Multi-Year APR: 982; 2020-21 APR: 997

Multi-Year APR: 1,000; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Multi-Year APR: 993; 2020-21 APR: 980

Multi-Year APR: 997; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Women’s Swimming & Diving
Multi-Year APR: 986; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Men’s Tennis
Multi-Year APR: 990; 2020-21 APR: 955

Women’s Tennis
Multi-Year APR: 992; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

Men’s Track & Field
Multi-Year APR: 973; 2020-21 APR: 945

Women’s Track & Field
Multi-Year APR: 982; 2020-21 APR: 962

Multi-Year APR: 995; 2020-21 APR: 1,000

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