A New Dawn for ACC Football

We heard from our conference overlords on Tuesday, as they unveiled the details of what the ACC will look like for football.

No Divisions. Single Conference. And to that we say, LFG!

Beginning in 2023 the ACC will implement a 3-5-5 schedule format. If you don’t know what that means, no problem. Each team will play three permanent rivalry games each season. The other 10 possible opponents will be divided into two groups of five and will rotate. For our Hurricanes here are our three permanent rivals…

Florida State…Boston College…Louisville

It’s an interesting slate. Obviously, FSU was the only no-brainer we had, though many thought Virginia Tech met the criteria. BC is good for all the Canes fans up north who will now have a legit chance to see them every other year in the Blake James Bowl. Louisville? They are a total ‘meh’ in terms of draw and SOS help. May have a special team every now and then. Worst part, this is probably going to mean the continuation of the Southern Florida to Kentucky pipeline. This move definitely benefits Louisville more than Miami.

The Canes pod of five rotating ACC opponents for 2023 will be:

Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia, @North Carolina and, @NC State

Lastly, for those of a certain age, the Va. Tech drop kinda sucks. Those Big East battles were legendary and we’re sad to see the annual go away. 2023 will mark the first time since 1992 that Miami and Virginia Tech will not face each other. Peace out Hokies, it was fun!

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