Canes Launch NIL Marketplace

As the new post-NIL college football landscape begins to come into a little bit of focus, the Miami Hurricanes continue to be on its cutting edge. A few months back the school announced a partnership with Opendorse, a leading tech provider for athlete endorsements. Today, those of us outside the program, are seeing the first visible piece of that. A Miami Hurricanes NIL Marketplace exclusively for all Miami student-athletes. This is a big deal.

This marketplace will allow any business, brand, supporters, etc. a single, streamlined site where they can begin discussions with players about NIL deals and then finalize the deals and even manage compensation. So, if you own a local bar or hardware store and you’d like a Miami athlete to come do a signing or endorse your place on social media, you now have a single place to go and start the process. You have no idea how much easier this is going to make things. It’s literally been the wild west out there.

If you want access to the marketplace, simply visit to begin the process.

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