OBB Debates: Smoke or Ice?

You don’t want any of this Smoke. The university of Miami obviously moved its apparel allegiance to the three striped life but its predecessor had its moments. You think of the greatest team ever assembled in college and you instantly think of the Nike classic swoosh. Ken Dorsey’s iconic stare was cloaked within his moxie and dressed in a classic.

Nike also had two fun alternative uniforms. The “smoke” was an all ominous grey ensemble that was crowned by a fiery orange helmet. I loved them. The concept was tied into the Hurricanes’ iconic (now severely duplicated) stadium entrance on game days. The smoke fills one corner of the field and the Hurricanes storm through it like warrior poets sacking Bannockburn.

The “ice” iteration was crisp, clean and classy. When the Hurricanes go on the road and wear the all whites the canes fan collective call them stormtroopers. While that may be the case, the “ice” was a subtle twist that featured some more silver nuisance. Absent was the traditional orange and green U in the helmet and a silver declaration was in its place.

Traditionalists are yelling at the screen reading this. “We didn’t win national championships wearing all these different uniforms!” “You don’t touch the classic helmet.” “I hate them!” “You suck!” The debate lingers on. However consider a few factors on the alternatives. Mario Cristobal came from Oregon. Oregon has approximately 1,784,361 uniform combinations every season. There might be some subtle acclimation to this trend here at Miami. Maybe.

The other factors are the players and the place. The players love the drip. They do. Get off my lawn types need to take inventory here. I am willing to bet winning aside, given the opportunity to have Oregon options or the staunch traditionalist, a majority of today’s players would choose options. In your closet do you have a limited wardrobe in your everyday wear? Maybe toast does, he has his particular set of life uniforms. Most people like options. I don’t understand why uniforms are an exception to that rule.

Miami is also the place where fashion, neon, art deco, modern and beach wear clash in perfect calamity. There is not a fashion statement here in Miami that is accentuated by basic. It is often times brash, bold and sometimes glaringly absent. Take a trip down south beach and you’ll understand the last statement.

So what is your pick? “Storm” or “Ice”? It almost sounds like an upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Are you a white walker or do you ride a top dragons? In closing, Miami typically lost when these uniforms saw the light of day. Is that why some alternative uniform adversaries are so pissed off when this topic comes up? Where do you stand?

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