Behind the Episode- Chapter 33- Camp is Here

That is another episode in the books. Chapter 33 brought the realization that fall camp is finally here. The Mario Cristobal era is upon us. For the better part of six years I have listened to Scoop incessantly talk about Mario, Mario, Mario. I might have played his devil’s advocate a time or two because peeing in a friend’s corn flakes is a fun thing to do. Now we call him coach Cristobal. He is the Miami Hurricane head coach. This isn’t hyperbole any longer.

We went position by position on this episode and you have to feel good where the Hurricanes stand. Is this Hurricanes team standing shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the past? No. When you consider some of its moving parts however, it definitely has enough stones to play David and take down the coastal. In fact it was picked to win the coastal.

The quarterback room is where it needs to be. You have a quarterback in Tyler Van Dyke who is first round material and you have a back up who could start tomorrow for FSU. Ok, that isn’t necessarily hard to do but Jake Garcia is a QB1 on a lot of rosters. He is the ultimate second pillow that makes sleeping at night that much more comfortable.

We discussed how the running back room has a wild card in incoming freshman TreVonte’ Citizen. Citizen cane is the quintessential nice entry way center piece that brings you seamlessly to rest of the home. The rest of the running back rooms have depth. Parish, Rooster, Chaney and Thad give you a capable canes conglomerate that simply wasn’t here a year ago. Stable of running backs is a term loosely thrown out there at nauseum but this year is different.

On the defensive side of the ball I think Akheem Mesidor has the capability to be special. When the WVU staff held an emergency press conference after his departure the level of butt-hurt-ness was noted astronomically high. He was an ESPN True Freshman All-American First Team selection in 2020 and he led WVU in sacks. Gerald Willis was an absolute stud (also a transfer) and I get similar vibes. I think Mesidor can be a great tandem terror alongside Leonard Taylor.

Cornerbacks have Tyrique and he is a damn good player but now you could see the resurgence of a healthy Al Blades, Jr. Is there any canes lineage that more embodies Hurricane culture like a Blades? All you have to do is just look at the person next to you and tell them you are the “Baddest mother f**ker I know!” Blades, Jr. is a gamer on and off the field. I am just happy he is healthy.

At the conclusion of the position by position breakdown Toast and I had a similar sense. The Hurricanes are coming into 2022 with arguably one of its most talented rosters in recent memory. It is better than a year ago and I don’t necessarily think that is up for debate. Coach Cristobal brought in some great transfers. Yes, we know this isn’t a 2001 team, but this isn’t Spencer Whipple is your backup quarterback territory either.

Five questions brought us onto the polarizing topic of Brittney Griner and serving nine years in a Russian jail system. If you didn’t know by now the Orange Bowl Boys aren’t your traditional talking heads. I mean we have heads and we talk but the organic dispositions typically follow their own road. We empathize with Griner and the excessive jail sentence. Being away from your family for so long is heart breaking. We also agreed that you have to be mindful of your surroundings and respect the law of the land. Russia isn’t the United States and vice versa.

It was a Scoopless in Seattle episode (I had to yell his HEY YO part at the end) and I couldn’t even tell you where he is this week. I secretly think he is auditioning to be the new focal point on “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.” Hit it Rockapella!!! Camp is finally here. Chapter 33 of the Mario era was the camp preview episode. Pinch us we are dreaming.

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