Camp Quotes 08/05/2022

The opening salvo could be heard steadfast and true from first year Miami Hurricane head coach Mario Cristobal. His tone of hard work seems to always be mixed with a never satisfied denominator.

“In day one we have worked hard-but the competition is making everybody better. Our pace of practice day one was solid but it will increase. The tempo the way we do things will get better. We are demanding it and getting it for the most part. All in all some positive results.” -Coach Cristobal

Coach Cristobal made a bold statement in regards to a revered number at the University of Miami. He made his beliefs crystal clear when an anonymous player requested they use it this year.

“But if you are going to wear that you better be the baddest son of the gun on the planet-26 one person asked for it and I felt it wasn’t quite the level it needed to be to wear that number the way it should be worn.” -Coach Cristobal

In terms of retiring numbers at Miami a volume aspect needs to be considered and there is certainly validity in the statement.

“I don’t know if numbers should be retired in general they should be honored. I do believe that. Because if you start retiring numbers at the University of Miami you can retire 40 plus numbers in a hurry. And then everyone is wearing 65 and you got everyone pissed off at me.” -Coach Cristobal

Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke checked in and said there was about 20 to 25 percent of Josh Gattis’ offense left to install. When asked about the wide receiver group in general this is what he had to share.

“Melo, Frank Mike Redding out there, bunch of guys have the capability of doing it. It’s all about knowing your responsibility, knowing the plays and lining up too. It’s not just about he’s 6’3″, 200, 4.4 freak. You got to have every little detail and know what to do.”

Van Dyke also seemed to come from the non-Ryan Tannehill school of elder quarterback etiquette when he had this to share about incoming freshman Jacurri Brown. I guess grooming the young guns with knowledge and experience at the position isn’t such a bad thing afterall.

“He is going to be a good quarterback. He has to throw the ball and not think about it.”

Head coach and quarterback went first in this edition of “Camp Quotes.” The Hurricanes will have a razor sharp focus as the regular season inches closer upon us. Let’s break the huddle with style. Yes! We will sprint to our positions after.

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