A Ranking of Miami Hurricane Uniforms

“Yuck, I hate the smoke uniforms.” “We should never, ever change our white helmets, no matter what.” “I hate Adidas, wish we never changed from Nike.” “Are those wings on the sleeves?”

These are some of the statements we hear year after year about our beloved Hurricanes’ uniforms. I think most healthy fanbases like to discuss this “issue”. Do we want to be like Alabama and wear the same uniform since 1657? Do we want to be Oregon and wear a modern day Jetsons’ mockup? My guess is neither.

This discussion normally starts up around this time every year. Right before we run out of things to talk about and the season starts. So let’s get to it. Starting from worst to best, I will layout our best (and worst) uniforms of all time while doing my best fashion critique impression.


Listen, here at the OBB, we’re all about saving the turtles (sksksksksksk), but we cannot condone this desecration of our beloved uniforms. Whoever thinks that separate color sleeves is the move needs to take several seats.


The winged sleeves. The font. The checkers. It’s all bad. Talk about trying to do too much. Adidas did not impress me at the beginning at all.


Worst part here is that I can see what they were trying to do. Great idea, terrible execution.


“Look how the massacred my boy.” -Every Miami Hurricanes fan when they saw this abomination. Way to take an AWESOME uniform and try to replace it with this crap. We’ll get to the much superior version of this later in the list.


Wait, I don’t remember this game at all. We played UVA in these things the week after that crazy Duke win with Larry Scott at the helm. Definitely wasn’t a season to remember but these uniforms were one of the few bright spots.


I really liked these when I first saw them. But as the Al Golden experiment continued, they really started to lose me. Maybe it was how poorly we were playing.


Great follow up from Adidas with these. Really really enjoyed the faux throwback look on them. That modern-vintage look is probably the best uniform concept that is popular right now.


Do I like these? Absolutely. I love the Hurricane flags. But this uniform does not scream “The U” to me whatsoever. And for that, they’ll never get my full support. It was really cool for the one game though. Wish they sold more merch with the flags.


This will likely be the most controversial choice of mine. I think the helmets need an absolute revamp but boy, oh boy do these uniforms SLAP.


There’s my boy. I want these for every single night game at home. Also, you could convince me on shiny helmets instead of matte. Either way, fantastic job. 9/10 experts agree.


Nothing needs to be said. These are perfect in every way. What do you think? Where was I wrong? Where was I right? Let me know. Ah, who am I kidding, if you don’t agree, then you’re wrong.

Go Canes!

-Ryan Raskin


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