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The University of Miami will roll out a new offense this year. 2021 Broyles Award recipient Josh Gattis makes way from Michigan and traded in snow for South Beach sand. The offense will no doubt look different then a year ago. Besides the fundamental philosophical change in offensive styling, personnel groupings can change from year to year. This year is no different.

Game. Set. Match.

We will be taking a look at potential personnel groupings that the Miami Hurricanes can employ this season. Experimentation at its finest. Offensive coordinators can use groupings and formations to achieve an advantage on the football field. The Hurricanes can definitely be creative this year with its utilization of the tight end position.

12 set personnel signifies when you have two tight ends and one running back. This is a rather traditional look in both the collegiate and NFL level. The Miami Hurricanes will no doubt rely on this grouping for the depth at tight end is too lavish to ignore. But let’s get even a little more crazy. What if the Hurricanes added one more tight end on the field?

Game Set Match - 13 Set - Run Strength - OBB

Game Set Match – 13 Set – Run Strength – OBB

Tight Ends: Will Mallory #85, Elijah Arroyo #80, Jaleel Skinner #23

Running back: Don Chaney Jr. #2

Wide Receiver: Frank Ladson #8

Here is just an example of how a 13 set personnel grouping and Miami “could” look like. Mallory in line, Arroyo in an H-back equivalent and Skinner flexed in closer to the formation. This formation absolutely screams run strength. The Hurricanes can absolutely put opposing defensive coordinators in a bind with this grouping.

If the opposing team wants to keep smaller pass covering linebackers or even an unfathomable nickel package on the field vs. this look, Miami’s size would factor. You add a bigger back to the mix in conjunction with the tight end convention, the Hurricanes could easily impose their will in the run game. The play-action series off this set however excites me even more and could equally be as lethal.

Although from 12 set personnel, you see how effective tight ends can be dialed into the play-action game. This style of play can seamlessly be ran with a hybrid pass catcher such as incoming freshman Jaleel Skinner. Skinner can allow you to now flex out and create a serious height advantage on the outside in the passing game. Same grouping just flip a switch. The run strength look can turn to pass strength look effortlessly.

Game Set Match - 13 Set - Pass Strength - OBB

Game Set Match – 13 Set – Pass Strength – OBB

Tight Ends: Will Mallory #85, Elijah Arroyo #80, Jaleel Skinner #23

Running back: Don Chaney Jr. #2

Wide Receiver: Frank Ladson #8

Miami can now go into an ace gun 2×2 look and play it more horizontal while remaining extremely vertical. The vertical element is of course height. Malory 6’5″, Arroyo 6’4″, Skinner 6’5″ and Ladson is 6’3″. While the wide receiver can be interchangeable, we posed how Miami could roll out some tall pass catchers in a hurry. Could you imagine this group in the red zone or down along the goal line?

And just because you have taller pass catchers outside, doesn’t erase the fact they could be used as willing big blockers on the perimeter. Here you will see two tight ends punish (one whiffs of course) smaller defensive backs enroute to a quick first down. A 13 set at Miami allows you to be incredibly physical in a hurry.

There are a ton of options for the Hurricanes this year with multiple tight ends on the field. “Game. Set. Match” will try to focus on some more potential personnel groupings prior to the start of the season. Click HERE for a ’22 preview of Miami’s tight end position. Do you have any personnel groupings you would like to see the Miami Hurricanes employ?

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