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That’s another episode in the books. Chapter 35 for me was an episode that really accentuated the craziness that is the Orange Bowl Boys. There has always been this dichotomy interwoven between the OBB’s existence. Sure, we are rabid Miami Hurricane fans who are slightly educated about the program (ever so slightly) but the personality is a time bomb. There will be an explosion of trivialities in these offseason episodes and you can count on it. Throw Beer was no exception.

Down on the Greentree the first topic of discussion brought us immediately to the running back room. Don Chaney Jr. is injured again. You couple that with the fact that TreVonte Citizen is out with a season ending injury, suddenly stacked depth turned into concern. The addition of Henry Parrish from the portal cannot be undersold now. There is a huge reason you need a stable of running backs. That position is going to get dinged up. They are targets who get punished.

We whiffed in the portal. The Miami Hurricanes were on some wide receiver transfer targets late and couldn’t land them. Now one of the headlines surrounding camp is who other than Xavier Restrepo will step up. Offensive Coordinator and wide receiver coach Josh Gattis stopped practice this week furious that his group was lagging behind. In the gaming world we call that rage quitting.

The Miami Hurricanes have always won national championships with “that dude” at the wide receiver position. You need them on that field and you can’t handle the truth. Sure you can get creative and move CJ Spiller out vs. a linebacker one on one if you scheme it right. Sean Spence is still limping somewhere. You cannot have holes in your offense because the opposing ACC coaches are still very damn good. It is the Atlantic Cannibalism Conference. This conference has eaten the Miami Hurricanes like a savory hors d’oeurvre for decades.

The defense made us smile. Is this the year that DJ Ivey finally lives up to his frame? He is 6’1″ just shy of 200 pounds and looks the part. The fifth year senior always has. Scoop made a bold statement. Ivey never had the coaching. I immediately thought of one of Ivey’s previous coaches who is still employed by the university and giving tours to recruits and their family members. Scoop might have a point.

FSU made us laugh. Spell check will never let me get away with misspelling the word official but the Seminoles never cease to amaze. Toast said it was the first time since 1974 that both of our instate-rivals are not ranked in the AP top 25. The University of Florida gets a little nod from the boys. They are recruiting better. The Miami Hurricane program however is in the much better shape. That isn’t the overly rambunctious opinion of one Orange Bow Boy, the nation spoke very clearly on the matter. We are ranked, they are not.

Personally seeing two long time friends’ daughters make high school varsity teams as 11 & 12 year old’s in their respective sports has to be infinitesimally small.  Scoop was able to guess in episode 34 out of billions of commercials which one I would pick. I don’t know what is the more microscopic impossible. Read the behind the episode chapter 34 HERE. It was a good week for the OBB dads. #girldads

The show ended completely off the rails and needed a disclaimer for five questions. If you have kids in the car when the question “what is a word that is thrown around too much?” cover their ears. Even sailors would blush. For cooperate sellouts, I have always found it fascinating that we could uniquely and unabated be ourselves and not fear the heavy hand of the cooperate man. (or woman)

September 17th is the live show at the Tank which simultaneously happens to be the Texas A&M watch party. That is when it hit me. That date is right around the corner and that is the third game of the season. The Miami Hurricanes season is almost here. The offseason will sunset and the Mario Cristobal era is rising like a brilliant crested phoenix. The orange and green plumes will be radiant and tantalizing like a roaring fire. Throw beer everyone chapter 35 came to a close. Just don’t expect to be asked to come back if you do. Drink responsibly.

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