OBB Florida Power Poll-Week 2

The big three all won last week so we expect to have some shakers and movers. Brian Kelly obviously didn’t do the Miami Hurricanes any favors by going down in flames to FSU. All you had to do was kick the extra point. With week two on the horizon, how does the power poll shake up?

#7 USF Bulls

Record (0-1) Next Opponent: vs. Howard. The Bulls were dominated by the Stormin’ Mormon’s of BYU 50-21. Scoop incessantly mentions the BYU code of conduct. He should focus on sending more donations to his Alma Mater. Going 3-12 on third downs certainly didn’t help the Bulls. They are this week’s cellar dweller.

#6 FAU Owls

Record (1-1) Next Opponent: vs. South Eastern Louisiana. The good news is, N’Kosi Perry had himself a day. 24-42 with five touchdowns for the former Hurricane. The bad news is, how the hell did you lose that game? Actually I know. The Owls had two costly turnovers in a loss to the Ohio Bobcats 41-38. The Owls are this week’s stripper slide down the poll award winner.

#5 FIU Golden Panthers

Record (1-0) Next Opponent: @ Texas State. Paws Up everybody. The Golden Panthers took down the mighty Bulldogs in overtime. (Not those bulldogs) FIU beat Bryant 38-37 in a game where the Panthers were outgained by almost 100 yards. (470-377) Somewhere Mark D’Onofrio is saying “I told you so.” FIU moves up two spots to number five and their win was weighted.

#4 UCF Knights

Record (1-0) Next Opponent: vs. Louisville.  The Knights had no problem bouncing South Carolina State in the Bounce House. UCF won 56-10. The Knights had 600 total yards of offense while the Bulldogs (not those bulldogs either) had only 91. The Cardinals come into town and Scott Satterfield sits comfortably this week at 10 on the Coaches Hot Seat in 2022. The Knights are right where they belong this week in the power poll which is looking up at the Big 3.

#3 FSU Seminoles

Record (2-0) Next Opponent: BYE. The Florida State Seminoles shocked the world. Not really, LSU isn’t really good. They certainly weren’t good at PAT’s when it mattered. FSU won 24-23 and Baton Rouge is going round in circles. Coach Brian Kelly said they couldn’t play any worse in the first half. Then he corrected himself and said, “I mean it’s my first game, maybe we can.” Usually it’s coach Mike Norvell adding an L to his name but this week Kelly said hold my beer.

#2 Miami Hurricanes

Record (1-0) Next Opponent: Southern Miss. The Mario Cristobal era started off with a BANG!. Ten of them. The Miami Hurricanes defeated Bethune-Cookman 70-13. The Hurricanes gave up some big chunk yardage in this one so it wasn’t all homecoming pretty out there. The Hurricanes slide down one in the power poll because someone had to be unranked and beat a top ten team.

#1 Florida Gators

Record (1-0) Next Opponent: vs. Kentucky. Never let anyone convince you SEC bias isn’t real. You start unranked, you barely beat a Utah team 29-26 at home and poof. The Gators are now ranked 12 while the Miami Hurricanes are at 15. Although the Utes were on the sidelines puking and suffering from heat exhaustion, it still was a good win vs. a top 10 opponent. Tough test this week as Kentucky comes into the swamp to face another quarterback who wears 15.

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  1. Rgomez100 September 7, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Are FSU and UF better than advertised or was LSU and Utah not as good as advertised?

    Agreed with the SEC bias, its blatant.

    My opinion is that preseason rankings should be stopped and rankings should start after game 4 or 5 of the season. That way, we avoid projections and opinions of how good a team really is.

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