Student of the Game – Texas A&M vs. Miami Hurricanes

The Student of the Game Texas A&M vs. Miami Hurricanes edition saw many things this week. What it didn’t see was a lot of points. The University of Miami went into Kyle Field and managed a meager nine points. The Hurricanes didn’t score one offensive touchdown and everything on that side of the ball looked a little off.

Fast forward to the end of the game and when you need a play the most, there was a drop and the receiver leaked up field with this route. On a 4th and 4 you typically run an out route at five yards but that’s not what happened. Brashard Smith takes it up to eight yards and the cornerback closed fast. The football hits a facemask and lands defeated incomplete right there on Texas A&M’s field.

The injury to Xavier Restrepo was really felt. The chemistry between receivers isn’t there and the absence of the big play is troublesome. The Miami Hurricanes only had a microscopically low four catches go beyond five yards. In an era where offense is king suddenly the Hurricanes are bypassing the throne. The running game however was riding firmly on the back  of a dragon Saturday night.

The Hurricanes ran the ball for 175 yards and almost averaged five yards per carry. Henry Parish and Jaylen Knighton were super effective running the rock. In terms of the culture identity and being physical up front in the trenches, both sides of the ball did their part. The running backs where definitively those boys this week and that is three weeks in a row where they have been.

The defense under Kevin Steele has been formidable. The Hurricanes operate much differently then years previous when the predecessor’s calling card was Blitz or Bust. The defense has a better preservation of the backend and the secondary defenders had a great game vs. the Texas A&M Aggies. Max Johnson threw for only 140 yards on 10/20 passing.

The Student of the Game Texas A&M full version is for OBB Legend Legendary members ONLY. I know you have your Pencil and Popcorn. Just because the offense didn’t score any touchdowns doesn’t mean we can’t scheme up future ways in which they can. What did the Miami Hurricanes do well? In what areas do the Miami Hurricanes need to improve? Let’s find out. #BANG!!!!

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