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This week, OBB Recruiting Director Leeds was asked hard hitting point blank questions in Discord-U. Welcome to the Recruiting 305 where it is a 365 business. Join the Discord-U conversation today exclusively at the OBB Legend. You’ve got questions, she’s got answers.

Ricks vs McClain? I want both but who is the better prospect? –

Too soon to say that Ricks will be better but the staff knows he’s a must get. Cormani McClain, man I don’t know. As I have said, he’s an uphill battle but if we can close on Damari, Tyler, Damari and Twan can absolutely put the screws to Cormani and influence him. Right now I would say Cormani is slightly better than Ricks though, even if Ricks reclassifies. Will say that if we can get Ricks to reclassify, again that would help with McClain. McClain’s narrative will keep shifting throughout this season and right now, the biggest advantage I see us having is landing Tyler Williams. That just might put us in the lead.

It’s between us and OSU for both Jojo and Smith, what is your take? –

I think we are in a very good spot for both. If Miami closes out on Edwin Joseph, I believe Miami will take the lead. Smith’s love for Gattis is not hyperbole or something being used to generate clicks. There is a lot to like from Gattis and if there’s one thing I have already learned about this staff, it’s that they sell recruits on being the missing piece and the reason, for example, we did not beat A&M even though we played them hard. Jojo also has a lot of admiration for Gattis and his playcalling, despite what some fans may think of it… WR play (and red zone execution) was indeed a massive part of why we lost and Miami was quick to talk to those on their most wanted board immediately after the game to tell them as much and why they are needed. It wasn’t just the 24 kids either. Tyler Williams, Jurrion Dickey, Carnell Tate and Brandon Inniss of 2023’s class all ‘can be had’, to quote a staffer.

Malik Bryant was at the loss to Kentucky on an UOV to Florida. Should we be worried there? –

No, I wouldn’t worry about LB recruiting as a whole. You can already see how much better our Backers have gotten under Strong. Both Popo Aguirre and Bryant know how, pardon my pun, ‘strong’ Strong is as a developer and a coach. I am not worried about Florida at all with Bryant but on the remote chance he does look around? There are others out there that would jump at the opportunity to be in this class. Linebacker recruiting, as with all of the positions, will be just fine going forward.

In the wake of our loss to A&M, how has it affected recruiting? –

Honestly, the staff immediately contacted all the commits and from what I can gather, they are all as locked in as ever. They know that this is a rebuild and this season is going to be rough at points. The surprise was that some of the kids were actually impressed Miami was able to statistically beat A&M in every category and control both lines of scrimmage. The coaches impressed and that’s, ultimately, what matters to the recruits.

Not expecting Tyler Williams, are you hearing the same? –

I think him making the visit this weekend is massive and potentially gives us his commitment. A UOV on his own time and dime to watch us play Middle Tennessee State tells me he wants to see the team and how they bounce back. A lot of investment in what should be a blowout win for a kid unless they are really feeling that school I have often heard UGA for him but even their writers are changing their tunes as of late. I would say Miami here.

The Recruiting 305 with Leeds. 

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