Student of the Game- Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens #OBB

The iconic Orange Bowl was the Little Havana heart throb that was nestled in the center of all things Miami. The Orange Bowl was also host to two teams. This week we have an additional Student of the Game Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore edition. When the Hurricanes only score nine points, it was safe to say the Dolphins did more then kick some field goals.

Tua Tagovailoa had a career day. When you go 36-50, 469 and 6 touchdowns, I’d call that a good day at the office. And Mike McDaniel is an evil genius when it comes to calling plays. Regardless of level, you have to appreciate using your playmakers to not only make plays, but keeping the defense honest.

The fear of the cheetah jet sweep keeps a linebacker’s position to widen out and hold contain but the RPO attachment was perfect. Jaylen Waddle was the recipient of the inbreaking slant route and it netted the first down. The other Orange Bowl Alumni, the Miami Hurricanes could benefit from similar play calls that keep the defenses’ backend honest.

Inside the red zone the Miami Dolphins were ruthlessly efficient. But it wasn’t always perfect. Here you will see an example of how the Baltimore Ravens do a great job taking away the playmakers. And that’s when you can measure a quarterback’s secret worth. Can the quarterback make a play and bail the offensive coordinator out when simply the original play wasn’t there?

Imagine coming up to the line of scrimmage and seeing your primary read double covered and your secondary reads taken away. The Ravens utilized simulated pressure in the box then dropped into coverage to take away the trips side. The Ravens did absolutely everything right.

Except Tagovailoa had other plans. By quickly diagnosing the disguise and the coverages he held onto the ball and holding onto the ball isn’t always a bad thing. Throwing the ball on time would have led to pick city, instead Tua navigates the pocket, buys himself some time and then throws a strike to Waddle who never gave up on the play.

Consider this edition of Student of the Game Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens AP classes. You knew eventually we had to make the jump to the big leagues for nothing else it helps us understand the game just that much better. I, for one, learned a lot this class and professor Mike McDaniel teaches one hell of a lesson this week. #OBB #SOTG #BANG!!! #OBBFINS

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  1. Frank Rauccio September 23, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Can we have a student of the game section. I seem to have to hunt around for these.

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