BOYS and BOOS Middle Tennessee State EDITION

Boys and Boos Middle Tennessee State edition isn’t for the faint of heart this week. The Miami Hurricanes just suffered one of the most embarrassing losses in program history. One that definitely rivals the 2019 loss to FIU. Its 7:04 on Saturday afternoon, the game isn’t even over yet and I am PISSED (if you follow me on twitter, you know how I can be) The Mario Cristobal honeymoon is over as we were smacked in the face with some reality.

The reality is.. Miami is not good. Miami is MANY RECRUITING classes away from being good. Miami is a 6 win team at best, currently. Am I being emotional? absolutely.. but I’m here to get these takes off. Four games in is awful early to be “done” with a new coaching staff, but that’s where I am right now. This was a Miami Hurricanes team that looked completely unprepared, and got flat out beat. Sickening.


News flash, there are no BOYS in this game. Jake Garcia came in and put together a few drives which was nice but it wasn’t enough. ONLY and I mean ONLY silver lining is that we now have a legit QB competition on our hands. In my opinion it isn’t close, but ya know..

Was our new punter considered a boy in this game? ah, nah.. never mind.. no one deserves a BOY this week.


Holy shit, Lets see if there are enough characters for this.

1. TVD is not who we thought he was, I’m sorry.. in my opinion his time is up. First two throws of the game were interceptions and then it was bad throw after bad throw, next man up.

2. IMAGINE A WORLD where The Miami Hurricanes do not have any playmakers at WR. That’s our world right now. Half of these boys can’t get open to save their life and the other half can’t catch to save their life. I cannot hype any recruits either, I have been hyping the next man up for years then they come in and underwhelm as well.

3. WHERE IN THE ACTUAL HELL WAS THE DEFENSE. I mean, come on guys our DB’s are the worst in the ACC, Linebacker play was back to being bad and the D-line was getting bullied more times then not. I can’t stress HOW BAD these corners are.. #8 was back to doing #8 things among others, I’m shocked.

I don’t really know what else to say other than I am very disgusted with today. Miami doesn’t have the playmakers, the depth, the offense or the secondary to compete for an ACC championship, much less win 7 games this year. You gotta destroy before you elevate and I didn’t expect it to be a overnight turnover with Mario and Co, but something’s got to give. Currently as I write this being very mad, my FSU game tickets are for sale and I do not plan to be back in South Florida this season. I am in prove it mode once again. Signing off for this weeks BOYS and BOOS as always, GO Canes.

About the Author: Jason Hudgins

Business Owner, Hurricanes fan since birth, bad golfer.

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