Marsh’s Mailbag: TVD or Garcia? Can Josh Gattis Adapt The Offense?

From now on, I’m going to do an article series I have done in the past Marsh’s Mailbag. Each week during the season, I’ll have Canes fans ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

So without further adieu, let’s get it!

-How do these coaches get TVD to calm down and relax?

First and foremost, Tyler Van Dyke has to play with more confidence. The self doubt that is evident on his face during games is troubling.

Last year, Van Dyke was able to settle in to the position, thanks in large part to Rhett Lashlee’s offensive system. In that up-temp spread attack, Van Dyke thrived, firing quick completions to open receivers, or often taking a shot downfield.

Josh Gattis has to take this bye-week and reevaluate his scheme, adjusting to TVD’s strengths if Van Dyke is to remain the starter.

-Our QBs are staring down their 1st read and are not coming off that read, we have missed WRs running open down field. What do you think is the cause of this?

Again, this goes back to Van Dyke’s inability thus far to settle in to Gattis’ offense.

In TVD’s first pass against Middle Tennessee, instead of throwing to an open Frank Ladson or Henry Parrish, Van Dyke starred down and threw to Will Mallory. The defender read from a mile away, and easily picked it off.

For some reason, Van Dyke has not been throwing the ball downfield like he did in 2021, and I honestly can’t explain it.

I do believe a big reason for Van Dyke starring down his first read, has a lot to do with his diminishing confidence. Last year, we saw Tyler look comfortable in the pocket, survey the field to different receivers. Probably

-If your best blocking TE is Dom Mammarelli, why not include him in the running game instead of seeing Mallory being pushed around like he’s on skates?

That’s honestly a great question. And to be honest, Elijah Arroyo has struggled blocking as well.

Mammarelli has a combined five offensive snaps the last two games, while he saw 16 snaps in the first two weeks.

I think part of it has to do with the fact, Miami was running the ball fairly effective through their first three games. However, after an embarrassing run-blocking performance on Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mammarelli out there again.

-How long do u think this rebuilding phase will take to become at least a true & consistent top 25 team ?

While 2022 has definitely gotten off to a rocky start, I don’t think it’ll be long before Coach Cristobal has Miami in the top-25 on a consistent basis.

I predict that 2022 will be the only season during the Cristobal era, where the Hurricanes aren’t in that area.

You have to think that Coach Cristobal will try and solve more of the roster problems through the transfer portal after this season. Once Miami fixes some of those issues and a poor locker room mentality, the Canes should be rolling in 2023.

-So is the outcome of game against Tarheels a sound prediction on how the rest of the season will turn out?

I was just talking to some friends on Twitter about this, I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous for a week five game.

While I’ve been trying to be calm and trust the process, this team needs a win.

A win against UNC, a team you haven’t beat since 2018, will hopefully be the spark that turns Miami’s season around. A loss, dropping you to 2-3, would be cataursophic.

If you lose next Saturday after a bye-week, Hard Rock Stadium will only get more empty, and the fanbase will become even louder in frustration.

-How long does a culture change usually take?

Well let’s be real, many coaches who take over for struggling programs, try and change the culture for that team. However, because today’s head coaches are given less and less time to win, that culture, more often than not, is never established.

The great coaches, like Nick Saban, they start leading by example and that losing culture begins to change day-one.

It really depends on who your head coach is, and also what the mentality of the players is.

In Miami’s case, Coach Cristobal is trying to fix a program that has been losers for over 15 years. A change like that doesn’t happen overnight.

-Can coach adapt his offense to be current?

I 100% believe in Coach Cristobal, though one thing he needs to start thinking about is adapting his offensive philosophy to be more modern.

A true power-spread offense is nice, but you’re not winning in college football if your offense’s passing game is sub-par. Unless of course you have Georgia’s defense from 2021, they’re the exception.

Miami has too much speed on offense to turn into an offense dedicated to running the ball, and controlling time-of-possession. This is a team that needs an up-tempo offense.

Hopefully, Coach Cristobal will figure it out.

-When should we expect an ACC championship? When should we expect a national championship?

I think these kind of questions and ultimate unrealistic predictions is what’s wrong with the Miami fanbase.

UM has never won the ACC, has appeared in the conference championship only once, and have been as far from sniffing a national title as you could possibly be.

Let us at least win the Coastal first. Actually, let’s beat UNC first.

I’ll try and answer the question best I can. ACC Championship, I’d say 3-4 years, hopefully. I don’t think Clemson is slowing down anytime soon.

National championship? Oof. At least 5 years. Nick Saban and Kirby Smart aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

-Which assistant coach have you been pleased with so far?

Off the top of my head, Kevin Smith, Alex Mirabal, the entire DL staff and Charlie Strong.

Not saying that these coaches units have been perfect, far from it. Though, you could obviously see the vast improvement compared to 2021.

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