Behind The Episode – Chapter 41 – F***tardary

LEGENDARY. That is another episode in the books. And it is Behind the Episode Chapter 40 time. Mario Cristobal might have banned the media from access this week but that didn’t stop the boys from speaking their collective minds. Or losing it for that matter.

That was the thing that jumped out to me. After the recap show and the dust settled it didn’t settle well. I found myself getting more upset over the loss as time went on. The memes and jokes were flying in abundance and the Miami Hurricanes were week 4’s punchline.

Scoop’s animosity was directed to the players and T-shirts. His rationale was that even though the scheme was bad vs. MTSU the player’s collective manhood should have allowed them a will to win. I disagree with him more than I agree. The scheme didn’t allow the kids to have a chance and MTSU beat you to the punch. The more I watched the film the more I believed it.

Gimmicky. A report came out that Mario is trying to recruit players that can compete with Bama, Georgia, Clemson without resorting to a “Gimmicky” offense. That instantly set me off because it was as if the Enos years didn’t matter. The echo chamber believes that if you get the players you can compete. But the problem is the Miami Hurricanes aren’t competing. They didn’t vs. MTSU anyways.

This offense under Josh Gattis is way harder on quarterbacks vs. a year ago. There are no easy buttons. There is too many times where the easy option was just forgo for the sake of who knows what. My opinion, Jake Garcia doesn’t fix this offense. And if that is this staff’s answer, then everything Mario Cristobal said about TVD being great was a bold face lie.

#OBB alumni Josh Pate had something interesting to say. The Gattis hire was not a good one and people in the know tell him constantly. We need PGT again and that stands for Pre Gattis Tyler. That made me laugh because PET was Pre Eons Tate. And Enos did one grip assessment and suddenly Tate could never throw a spiral again.

We nailed why the Miami Hurricanes have been bad for 20 plus years. We are cursed. Najeh Davenport pooped in a closet and it never has been the same. We are going to fix this. We need a live chicken or an enormous amount of cleaning products.

40 minutes into this episode and the conversation is still being driven heavily by the offensive ineptitude. Then the question of all questions was introduced by Toast. “Who should start vs. UNC?” Then I just got mad. I did. The fact this system has taken a first round talent, someone who won MULTIPLE ACC awards, and just regressed him to this level, is disheartening. And what makes you think Jake Garcia fixes that?

Florida Power Poll and I am so tired of putting FSU in the top spot. What a joke. But the 4th and 14 jokes aren’t so funny anymore. Do I think FSU will show their true colors? Yes. But I didn’t want to lose to Middle Tennessee State while they were putting together a four game winning streak. It took a special case of F***tardary to fall so much in the poll.

We are still so good doing ads. I have this secret obsession to be on Whose Line is it Anyways and I always consider this segment to be my audition. You have to be able to adapt on the fly. We NEVER have a script when we go into that segment no order and it just goes where it goes. Is that Gimmicky too?

Behind the Episode Chapter 41 ended with Scoop doing the same thing he always does and Toast falls for it every single time. We try to close the show and he just does this annoying thing where he prolongs it. Toast is the producer and has to put in so much work when the show ends and I almost feel bad. Almost.

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