BOYS and BOOS: North Carolina Edition

Here we go, Jason here with another Boys and Boos North Carolina edition.  The Miami Hurricanes have fallen for the third straight year to North Carolina 27-24. The Canes fall to 2-3 overall and 0-1 in the ACC Coastal. Can you imagine telling everyone before the season that Miami was going to start 2-3? SHEESH. It was a closer game than I honestly expected and coming in UNC’s high powered offense had me scared.

I’m not mad at the loss, I’m just disappointed.. I picked Miami to lose this game big, so for them to be in the game at the end with a chance to win or tie was a surprise to me personally. I seen things that I liked and plenty I didn’t like, so let’s get into it shall we.


Is Tyler Van Dyke back? Wow, what a game for TVD throwing for 496 yards and 3 touchdowns. no typo.. he really THREW FOR FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX YARDS that is crazy. TVD was back to form after fans screamed from the rooftops to start Jake Garcia for two weeks. Let’s hope that Tyler’s slumping days are over and he can continue to put up numbers. Despite the bad INT at the end.. he did enough to gain a BOYS sticker from me.

Who else.. Lets see here, a few quick hitters Lou Hedley did Lou Hedley things today. No one should take a good punter for granted. Will Mallory gets half of a BOY from me only because he dropped a WIDE OPEN PASS FOR A FIRST DOWN. Colbie Young is another one, really good to see him on the field making plays. He came in on that drive and provided a great spark, hopefully more of him to come. No more boys, we lost. BOO.


Now for the stuff I didn’t like. One of these days Miami is going to play a P5 opponent where there are no boos, but until then here I am. Miami’s rushing attack is so bad. Parrish had 11 carries for 19 yards, Rooster had 13 yards on 4 carries with a bad bad bad fumble and Thad had 8 yards on 3 carries. Not being able to run the ball is a big blow for this offense. O-line get it together!

Kevin Steele has not lived up to the hype, has the game past him by? Does Miami just not have the talent? Whatever it may be the defense has not been good for the second game in a row. Miami’s defense gave up 470 total yards. Although holding UNC to 27 points, their lowest point total of the season means something right? I’m having second thoughts now.. half a BOO for Steele’s unit.

A big BOO goes to Miami not being able to score at the end of a 92 yard drive in the first half. Red Zone offense has been so bad this year, it was a little better today but that drive sticks out in my mind and was a 7 point swing. First and goal at the 2 yard line, down 7-0. Perfect opportunity to punch it in and the Canes come away with nothing.. that’s terrible. Next thing you know the Heels drive down field and make it 14-0.

Final Recap

It’s now Sunday morning as I finish this piece up and I have to say Miami did some good things in this game. TVD had a day, Colbie Young flashed, Defense made key stops when they really needed it. On the flip side of that, there’s still players on this team that just cannot execute when we need them to. Always a dropped pass, missed tackle or a fumble that really cost us. It’s the little mistakes. In Mario I trust, culture isn’t changed overnight. Mario is trying to make chicken salad out of Chicken Sh*t. On to Virginia Tech. GO CANES.

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