TVD Named ACC QB of the Week-Now Don’t Overthink It.

Tyler Van Dyke just secured another ACC Quarterback of the Week award. Sure, the Miami Hurricanes still lost to UNC 27-24 and fell to 2-3 on the season but there is a lesson to be learned. Van Dyke completed 73.67 percent of his passes and dished out three touchdowns vs one interception. TVD gutted the UNC secondary to the tune of 496 yards passing.

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Van Dyke’s 496 yards is second only to Stephen Morris’ all time record of 566 passing yards in a single game. Morris accomplished his record setting day in 2012 vs. NC State. Somewhere, Phillip Dorsett is still running free. After last Saturday however, the Miami Hurricane completions and attempts record belongs solely to Van Dyke. (42 of 57)

Everyone by now has heard of the record. Last season Van Dyke was only the second quarterback in college football history to throw for 300 yards and pass for three TD’s in six straight games. So are we really that surprised that Miami’s QB1 would set another record? Are we that surprised that Van Dyke is again the ACC quarterback of the week?

Yet something sits perplexing amidst the superlatives. According to Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis the Miami Hurricanes threw “too much” on Saturday. Gattis felt like the Hurricanes lost their identity after another game where struggles in the running game manifested itself. Versus UNC the Miami Hurricanes had a 1.8 yards per rush average and vs. MTSU it was 1.6.

The Hurricanes might want to have the identity of being a physical smash mouth football team but it has been far from it. Simply imposing your will in the running game the past two weeks has not been afforded to you. It is almost as if the opposing teams are trying to take away what you prefer to do. And isn’t that exactly their point?

Being balanced and maintaining time of possession is your grandfather’s stat. The game has evolved. Points are the premium and you get them by any means necessary. If an opposing defense wants to play with 7-8-9 people in the box, make them pay for it. Sure that is a simplistic tenant but it can still hold a ton of verified weight.

From the second this staff was implemented we heard the message of being physical up front. It was full on parade. And after the first few weeks, the running game was gorgeous. Then MTSU happened and it shattered so many expectations, suddenly their was chink in the armor. MTSU didn’t simply just beat you, they took away your manhood and your calling card. You couldn’t run the ball.

The Blue Raiders lost the following week 45-30 to conference opponent UTSA. The Roadrunners threw for 423 yards that game and I don’t think they shared the same ideologies. While the running game is on hiatus you simply cannot ignore two facts. That the running game failed you in consecutive weeks. That TVD is still damn good.

Points over culture. It is that simple. You do what is required to score more than the other team. If TVD’s arm falls off in the process so be it. At a certain point a coach will actually mean it when they say “players over scheme.” Don’t worry Hurricane fans, Miami will be successful running the football again. After TVD’s record setting performance opponents will have to adjust and try to limit the passing game. And isn’t that the point?

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