BOYS and BOOS: Virginia Tech Edition

The Miami Hurricanes escapes Blacksburg with a win vs Virginia Tech 20-14. Two bottom tier ACC teams played sloppy football, but there had to be a winner. Miami snaps a three game losing streak to improve on 3-3 (1-1) on the year. Miami currently has a 3 game winning streak over VT and own the series 25-15. It’s been a while since we felt a win and no matter how ugly, it’s still good to be the victors. Let me tell you who my BOYS and BOOS were of today’s games. LETS GO!


Tyler Van Dyke gets his second straight BOYS recognition. Tylers stat line went 29/46 with 351 yds and 2 touchdowns, he also finished the game with 3 rushing yards respectfully. TVD with 3 rushing yards was almost our leading rusher.. (kidding) but he wasn’t too far off. Clean game by TVD despite the 2nd half sputters, did what he had to do and came away with a win.

I declared myself on twitter as the Colbie Young fan club president last week and I am happy to have that title. Colbie had his official breakout game, the leading WR in receptions with 9 catches. He finished the game with 62 yards and a touchdown. Much props to the young man, way more targets are heading his way as the season goes on.

Brashard Smith, Will Mallory and Frank Ladson Jr also had nice games. Smith has 6 receptions for 76 yards. Will had 3 catches for 62 yards before leaving the game with an injury. Get well soon Will! Frank Ladson Jr had 4 receceptions for 43 yards.

The Defense was solid although it had some lapses late. But Akheem Mesidor is a beast. Maybe I go half sticker on them.

Special teams was good today, Lou Hedley is back in the BOYS column, he had some boots today. 7 punts for 312 yards. That was key in the field position battle also Andreas Borregales went 2 for 2 on field goals today.


A giant BOO this week is how completely undisciplined Miami was. Holy cow, it really looked like Miami was trying to help VT as much as they could. 16 penalties for 144 yards. Wow, do that against a good team and it will bite you. Got to absolutely get that cleaned up and I’m confident they will.

The running game is a constant boo each and every week, I shouldn’t even have to say anything rinse and repeat. The ‘Canes RB1 Jaylan Knighton had 9 carries for 24 yards. Yuck. YOU HAVE TO DO A BETTER JOB AT RUNNING THE FOOTBALL.

Speaking on the offense, how bad were these boys after halftime. Miami punted the ball 6 times most of their drives were only about 2 minutes long which is terrible clock management when you are up in a game trying to put it away. But that’s the result of being a very one dimensional team.

Regardless of how ugly is was, it’s a win and winning is good. Lets build off of the win and get ready to beat Duke next week. As always, Go Canes.

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