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OBB Snap Counts – Virginia Tech

OBB Snap Counts Virginia Tech vs. Miami Hurricanes. Where every snap matters. 


No          QUARTERBACKS (2)         Yr           Snaps

9             Tyler Van Dyke                  3-So       76

11           Jacurri Brown                    1-Fr        2


4             Jaylan Knighton                3-So       44

24            Lucious Stanley                6-Sr        20

22            Thad Franklin                    2-So       16


88           Colbie Young                      2-So       67

8             Frank Ladson                     4-Jr        65

12           Brashard Smith                 2-So       43

0             Romello Brinson               2-So       23

5             Key’Shawn Smith             3-So       13

16           Isaiah Horton                     1-Fr        8


23           Jaleel Skinner                    1-Fr        41

85           Will Mallory                       5-Sr        24*

86            Dominic Mammarelli    3-Fr        20

18            Kahlil Brantley                  2-Fr        6


74           John Campbell, LT            5-Jr        78

64           Jalen Rivers, LG                 3-Fr        78

56           Jonathan Denis, C            3-Fr        78

51           DJ Scaife, RT                       5-Sr        78

77           Logan Sagapolu, RG        3-Fr        66

55           Anez Cooper, RG              1-Fr        12


No    DEFENSIVE TACKLES (6)     Yr    Snaps

6     Darrell Jackson           2-So    26

56    Leonard Taylor            2-So    24

81    Jared Harrison-Hunte      4-So    23

55    Jake Lichtenstein         6-Sr    13

91    Jordan Miller             5-Jr    7

44    Antonio Moultrie          6-Sr    7


90    Akheem Mesidor            3-So    49

12    Jahfari Harvey            4-So    44

45    Mitchell Agude            3-So    40

32    Nyjalik Kelly             1-Fr    16

99    Elijah Roberts            3-So    9

13    Chantz Williams           3-So    9


11    Corey Flagg               3-So    41

4    Keontra Smith              4-Jr    28

40    Caleb Johnson             6-Sr    25

31    Wesley Bissainthe         1-Fr    24


8    DJ Ivey                    5-Sr    67

23    Te’Cory Couch             4-Jr    67

5    Darryl Porter              3-So    67


24    Kamren Kinchens           2-So    67

0    James Williams             2-So    67

15    Avantae Williams          3-Fr    16

*Indicates player dealt with an injury


Offense – Jaccuri Brown was electric in his two snaps in short yardage. I would like to see more of Thad in obvious running downs and stop trying to run Rooster in between the tackles. Mallory left the game in the 2nd Q which allowed Skinner to get his career-high in snap counts. Colbie Young out there a lot and I love it. More please.

Defense – DL rotation stayed about the same. Elijah Roberts and Nyjalik Kelly played a decent amount of snaps. Steed being out this game forced some extra snaps for Wesley Bissainthe. More please. The safety snaps were interesting, with both James Williams and Kam Kinchens playing 67 snaps, and Avantae Williams playing 16 snaps. It was noticeable when they played the 3 guys out there at the same time. More please.

A W is a W. It was ugly but it’s a notch in win-column! It feels good.

About the Author: Tony Valdes

Tony Valdes was born and raised in A-Rod’s hood of Kendall, FL.  As a life-long, die-hard Canes, Dolphins and Marlins fan, his fandom has been tested on many occasions but his passion is always strong – thank God for the Heat.  Other passions include his family, his friends, music, good food and good drinking.  He is one of the Co-Hosts of the “Canes Call In” podcast.

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