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This week, OBB Recruiting Director Leeds was asked hard hitting point blank questions in Discord-U. Welcome to the Recruiting 305 where it is a 365 business. Join the Discord-U conversation today exclusively at the OBB Legend. You’ve got questions, she’s got answers.

Any chance that if Texas struggles going forward, we might circle back on CJ Baxter?

– Miami is always recruiting kids, no matter who they commit to. This staff is relentless and to quote a coach at an SEC powerhouse; ‘I didn’t call one of my commits for a weekend and when I did the following Monday, he told me Coach Cristobal had talked to him five times over that weekend. If you don’t talk to your recruits every day, rest assured that Mario is’. So do I think we circle back? We never stopped pursuing him. That said, I am under the firm impression that Miami’s RB class right now is Chris Johnson and Mark Fletcher and the staff would be more than happy with those two.

Any scoop on LB TJ Capers for the next cycle?

– Definitely a special case here. Columbus kid and regarded by many as one of the best linebacker prospects to ever come out of the state of Florida. Miami will obviously have its hands full here but this is a kid I expect Mario and Strong to put a full court press on and not let get away, no matter the cost.

Is Jalen Brown going to stick with LSU after their rough start?

– Too early to say but a thing to keep in mind was I am under the impression that he decision to commit to LSU wasn’t purely his own and as such he should always be considered on flip watch. Given Miami’s WR struggles and desire to have more elite athletes on the team, I would not be surprised in any way if we turn up the heat to push him for a flip.

I wish we knew more of why the most talented WRs weren’t on the field more, we heard the same in terms of laziness with Pope and Wiggins. – It was the culture. I loved Likens as a game day coach but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he was a massive part of the issues the room is plagued with now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Horton is already starting to pull ahead of the more veteran WRs and we will see him a lot going forward.

He’s the ‘Ahmmon Richards we wish we got to see’ according to one former NFL player and Miami alum I have talked to. So let’s hope! That and Colbie Young’s emergence was certainly expected once the staff became desperate enough that they had to play him. Just because a player may not practice the best, doesn’t mean they cannot be your best game day WR. Still though, it’s very concerning that the kids who have had the least exposure to the culture of Miami’s last regime are the ones struggling so much.

Any gauge on what Hykeem’s visit to Miami meant or is this just fool’s gold?

– Keem is going to make any team that has him committed sweat it out. Heard he already has sent a couple of ‘I’m not sure coach’ texts to Norvell. Does he mean any of it? I don’t know. Was his visit to Miami part of this desire to just drum up drama and angst amongst his suitors? I mean probably but I don’t know. If he keeps showing up for Miami games then I would be more curious but I think he’s just having fun at this point.

Next three to commit to The U?

– Next three? Uh wow… Edwin Joseph, Damari Brown and I’ll go ahead and say Chris Johnson. I am confident but not nearly as confident as the first two. It could be Chris Johnson before Damari though.

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