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Here is your OBB Snap Counts Duke Miami Hurricanes participation report. OBB Snaps, where every snap counts.

No QUARTERBACKS (3)    Yr        Snaps
13 Jake Garcia                   2-Fr    42
9 Tyler Van Dyke               3-So   26*
11 Jacurri Brown               1-Fr    3

4 Jaylan Knighton             3-So    35
21 Henry Parrish               3-So    33
24 Lucious Stanley            6-Sr     2

8 Frank Ladson                  4-Jr     60
88 Colbie Young                2-So    53
15 Jacolby George             2-So    41
0 Romello Brinson             2-So    19
83 Michael Redding III      3-Fr      17
5 Key’Shawn Smith           3-So     11

85 Will Mallory                 5-Sr      55
23 Jaleel Skinner              1-Fr       8
86 Dominic Mammarelli  3-Fr       8
18 Kahlil Brantley             2-Fr       7

74 John Campbell, LT       5-Jr       70
64 Jalen Rivers, LG            3-Fr      70
50 Laurance Seymore, RG 2-Fr     70
51 DJ Scaife, RT                 5-Sr     70
53 Jakai Clark,                    4-Jr     38
56 Jonathan Denis, C         3-Fr    32*

No DEFENSIVE TACKLES (6) Yr        Snaps
6 Darrell Jackson                 2-So    44
56 Leonard Taylor                2-So    33
81 Jared Harrison-Hunte     4-So    27
91 Jordan Miller                   5-Jr     10
55 Jake Lichtenstein             6-Sr     8
44 Antonio Moultrie            6-Sr     1

90 Akheem Mesidor            3-So    48
45 Mitchell Agude               3-So    38
12 Jahfari Harvey                 4-So    36
99 Elijah Roberts                  3-So    15
13 Chantz Williams              3-So     11
32 Nyjalik Kelly                    1-Fr       9

11 Corey Flagg                    3-So      47
4 Keontra Smith                   4-Jr       35
31 Wesley Bissainthe           1-Fr       26
40 Caleb Johnson                 6-Sr      25


8 DJ Ivey                               5-Sr     69
2 Tyrique Stevenson             4-Jr      65
23 Te’Cory Couch                 4-Jr      59
5 Darryl Porter                      3-So    6

24 Kamren Kinchens            2-So     62
0 James Williams                 2-So      50
7 Al Blades Jr.                       5-Jr      22
15 Avantae Williams            3-Fr      13
3 Gilbert Frierson                 5-Jr      11

*Indicates player dealt with an injury

NOTES: Offense – Jake Garcia was thrust into action this week with the injury to Van Dyke. I don’t want to see Knighton out-snapping anyone in the RB room

Miami Head Coach Mario Cristobal during UNC game in 2022.

anymore. Zero snaps for Thad Franklin also. Uhhhh, why? Very nice to see Jacolby George out there with 40+ snaps but what the heck happened to Brashard? Denis’ injury caused Jakai Clark to get back into action. Good to see 53 back out there.

Defense – Nothing much changed here from last week. One noticeable change was an increase in snaps for Wesley Bissainthe. I need more of him.

These are becoming way more difficult to write as the team continues to struggle. Every time we think we’ve hit rock bottom, the floor gives way a bit more. I would like to see an infusion of young guys from now on. There’s nothing else left to play for. Your goals for the season have come crashing down. Why not see what you got in the kids?

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Tony Valdes was born and raised in A-Rod’s hood of Kendall, FL.  As a life-long, die-hard Canes, Dolphins and Marlins fan, his fandom has been tested on many occasions but his passion is always strong – thank God for the Heat.  Other passions include his family, his friends, music, good food and good drinking.  He is one of the Co-Hosts of the “Canes Call In” podcast.

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