OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 8

The OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 8 will have its customary movers and shakers. Speaking of eight, The Miami Hurricanes had eight turnovers and are sure to plummet down the poll this week.

#7 Miami Hurricanes

Previous Rank #3

Record (3-4) Next Opponent: @ UVA. Mario’s men fell to 3-4 on the year when they took the massive L to the Blue Devils 45-21The Hurricanes are lucky we didn’t move them to eighth which would have been one spot for every turnover they had. There is only seven FBS teams in the state by the way. Miami is the team that invents new ways to lose ball games every week.

#6 USF Bulls

Previous Rank #7

Record (1-6) Next Opponent: @ Houston. When you are on a BYE week you don’t run the risk of turning over the ball eight times. So the I4 west warriors move up one spot in the OBBL Florida Power Poll by default. The Cougars come into town and I have a feeling the Bulls will play unsuspecting young man at the bar this week.

#5 FAU Owls


Previous Rank #5

Record (3-5) Next Opponent: vs. UAB. I am starting to think Willie Taggart isn’t a good coach. He currently ranks #19 over at Coaches Hot Seat 2022. A quick check also shows that former Oregon Head Coach alumni Mario Cristobal checked in at #7, Ouch. Hootie lost to the Miners 24-21 and now have five losses under their feathery belts.

#4 FIU Golden Panthers

Previous Rank #6

Record (3-4) Next Opponent: vs. LA Tech. Hey Paws Up again. One half of the Shula Bowl beat Charlotte 34-15. I guess they were bad Charlotte and not good Charlotte. The Coral Gable’s kitties amassed 453 total yards including 147 yards on the ground. So you are saying 305 residency isn’t the reason you can’t run the ball? Who knew?

#3 Florida Gators

Previous Rank #4

Record (4-3) Next Opponent: @ Georgia. The Bulldogs of Athens are 22.5 favorites over the lizards. If they want to lower the line just invite Tim Tebow to come back and give a spirited speech. I heard he can walk on water. Even with a BYE week extra to prepare and the supernatural aside, Georgia by a billion. Book it.

# 2 FSU Seminoles


Previous Rank #2

Record (4-3) Next Opponent: vs Georgia Tech. After going 4-0 I called the three game losing streak from two miles away. The chop house crew should win this week vs. GT but this is the ACC. The BYE week kept the Seminoles the #2 team in the state despite a 4-3 overall record and recent skid. I bet you the Gators would love to trade state of Georgia teams this week.

#2 UCF Knights

Previous Rank #1

Record (5-2) Next Opponent: vs. #20 Cincinnati. Yes, it is not a typo. There is two second place teams in the OBBL Power Poll this week. When the Knights lost to 34-13 to East Carolina all bets are off. And the absolute troll job the Pirates did on that Knight’s booty was legendary and good enough to exclude them from the top spot alone. (The Knights will still claim the top spot by default. They are good at that sort of thing)

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