Behind the Episode – Chapter 45 – Bleep you Hackett

That is another episode in the books and it is Behind the Episode Chapter 45 time. Scoop texted earlier in the day that he needed to push back the time of the show and I am glad he did. I was able to sneak off and watch my kid start as a catcher for the first time in his 11 year old life.  And the mood of the show was initially joyous after the commitment of Cormani McClain. 

Coach Mario Cristobal is a recruiter through and through. I have to feel this season is eating him up inside. This isn’t the start he envisioned and not by a long shot. Toast declared he would rather have someone who is natural at recruiting because you can’t teach that. The on-field deficiencies in his estimation can be corrected. I don’t disagree.

“Despite whatever advantage the new NIL market gives the Hurricanes these days, you cannot discredit a certain factual tidbit. Coach Cristobal actually has a track record at the P5 level in both recruiting and on field success. Billy Napier does not. Rivals can blame NIL Life Wallet mainstay John Ruiz all they like but in terms of commodities, Cristobal is surely one.” -excerpt from The Aftermath: Cormani McClain Picks the U. 

Speaking of on-field deficiencies, unanimously the OBB’s have sold on Josh Gattis. I have woken up the better part this week with the words “18.5 points per game versus power 5” ringing in my head. Scoop is right. I haven’t been this vehemently stubborn and steadfast since D’Onofrio. Back then it was would you please just come into even man fronts, now it is could you please stop coming in tight every other play.

I have called a radio station twice in my life. Once to tell Dan Le Batard who tried to say Derek Jeter was not clutch in the playoffs because his batting average was identical in both the actual and post seasons. My argument was that he was wrong because in the playoffs batting .290 vs shortened bullpens and better pitching isn’t the same as facing regular season cheese. In my mind I won the argument.

The second time was to tell Big O that D’Onofrio was running the wrong system here. He laughed at me and told me that Golden didn’t have the horses. I am pretty sure I won that argument too because all the horses in the world couldn’t erase the fact he struggled here. He struggled at Houston too and can’t find work as a DC anymore. His buddy Al Golden is the DC at Notre Dame in case you were wondering.

Pattern recognition. At a certain point some coaches will actually believe it when they declare, “think players not plays.” It is a vicious cycle I have witnessed before. The coaches start to leak out that they don’t have the players to run their system and the said players thus start to become more defiant.

Miami has enough talent on this team to be better than what their record states. I would call Big O and tell him years later the same exact thing. This isn’t on the horses. Not all of it anyways. And if suitors were to court Josh Gattis after this year do they credit his lack of performance based on the lack of talent? Does he get another high profile gig? Because that has never been the case for any other coordinator when they couldn’t succeed here.

I right naked boot left. I will remember that play for the rest of my life. Hell, it has been 25 years since I called it last and I still do. I was often times a stubborn kid and I have no problem admitting that. I told Boston College when they asked me to commit there was no way I was going to commit to a school who lost to Miami by 50 points every year. They immediately hung up the phone on me. I would have too.

The young brash kid is gone and only an older man looks back at him in the mirror. (I promise I am not quoting Shawshank) I would have told the younger version of me to be more humble and be appreciative for every offer you were given. And thank your offensive linemen and teammates more while you are at it dumbass.

The story about my offensive coordinator forcing me to run a play and threatening to bench me for the rest of the year if I audibled it was true. I knew it was not going to work. I protested but it was all for not. I felt my shoulder pop when two guys landed on me. What I didn’t mention on the show was that I decided to say in one more play. I still remember that call too. It was I right 50 comeback.

That ball was supposed to go about 20 yards in the air to Chris Luke. I only managed to throw it two. My aspirations of becoming a college quarterback ended right there on that Deerfield Beach floor. It is ok. Life is about the challenge and understanding the beauty even in the chaos. Coach Hackett, wherever you are. The reality is I don’t need an apology from you, I didn’t then and I don’t now.

I learned a valuable lesson. I learned what not to do. Never will I take my authority as a coach and show such ego or apathy. I will take responsibility for my actions and not deflect blame. Kids look up to coaches, they trust you. Don’t ever take that for granted. Guard your words and be quick to share your wisdom and quicker to admit when you are wrong. Bleep you. Yeah you probably deserve it for the move you pulled. But thank you too.

Scoop dropped a bomb and said the Florida Power Poll segment sucked. We should probably pick up the pace on that if we are being honest. The teams in Florida aren’t really good and combined have a sub .500 record. So I get why that segment is lacking. But bad weekly performances never stopped us from following the Hurricanes did it? Is it too late to say I miss the 5 questions segment?

The show came to a close with Toast making sure he reminded me the Yankees got swept by Houston. That didn’t bother me. The Yanks can take a seat right next to his Boston Red Sox. They have been keeping it warm for us since the end of the regular season. Plus all my animosity was gone at that point. Coach Hackett’s fault. Behind the Episode Chapter 45 is in the books. #gocanes #obb

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