OBBL Miami Hurricanes UVA Score Predictions

Could it be? Did the Cormani McClain pickup firmly place the orange and green glasses back on the faces of the Hurricanes faithful? Although touting a 3-4 record on the season the early submissions look to be Hurricanes themed. The founders, the fans and the OBBL staff have their Miami Hurricanes UVA score predictions locked in and ready to go.

Vegas has the Miami Hurricanes listed as favorites and come in -2 on the road. Your trust in that dusty Nevada town might be shaken after last week’s -9 but here is to hoping. Brenan Armstrong and the UVA offense is not having the season it envisioned. (Sounds familiar) The Cavaliers are averaging an anemic 17.6 yards per game this year. This might be a contest of whose offense can sputter the least.

Founder Predictions

Toast : “I have been a philosophical and steadfast lighthouse of truth these past couple episodes. Go Red Sox.” Prediction- 24-20

Roman:  “Hey honey, what is the number to the counselor again?” Prediction- 24-21

Scoop: “I must do my part to pick up the pace at the end of the show.” Prediction- 14-13

Fan Predictions

OBB Legend Predictions

And the OBB Legends storm the field to a raucous applause of boos. We are on the road this week and we left the smoke machines back at Hard Rock Stadium. But we don’t need the smoke because we ARE THE SMOKE. We bring it in tighter than one of Josh Gattis’ offensive formations because that’s how we roll. And let’s be honest, it is a 12:30 game in Charlottesville, Virginia so we don’t even have to use the silent count this week. People can’t boo you if they aren’t there.

Lance Roffers 24-21

Tony Valdes 23-21

Bob Conley 20-13

Max Bukovec 27-24

Jake Campbell 24-20

Simon Valcin 28-21

OBBPD91 3-2

OBBPD83 24-14

2001OBBPD 24-17

Matty Ice 20-17

Bob Caniacs 28-17 UVA

Corey Enfield 35-21 UVA

We were so close.

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  1. fraggle318 October 28, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Just one time I’d like to see us come from behind in the 4th quarter for a dramatic win like Rosier did against FSU. This year we close out the second quarters giving us hope but I want to see a QB and team that has ice in their veins and snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat at the end of the game.

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