OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 9

The OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 9 will have its customary movers and shakers. Who are we kidding, the teams in Florida just really aren’t that good. But we RACK-EM anyways.


Previous Rank #6

Record (1-7) Next Opponent: @ Temple. Even with a full BYE week to prepare the Bulls just couldn’t get it done. The Horned Heroes lost 42-27 vs Houston and own the worst record in the state. Jeff Scott has firmly planted his cheeks at number one on the Coaches Hot Seat for so long that he has third degree burns. We recommend Josh Gattis for his replacement.

#6 Miami Hurricanes

Previous Rank #7

Record (4-4) Next Opponent: vs FSU. Mario’s men improved to .500 on the year and it took 4 overtimes and 14 points to do it. Just when you think the Hurricanes can invent a new way to lose, it invented a new way to win. The windy warriors beat UVA 14-12 on the road. Good job defense. It is rivalry week for the Hurricanes who are 7.5 underdogs at home. You think the offense has something to do with that?

#5 FAU Owls


Previous Rank #5

Record (4-5) Next Opponent: BYE WEEK. Hey good job Willie. You beat the Blazers 24-17. Our weekly N’Kosi-Hive stat watch shows the IG star slung three touchdowns. It is off to the BYE week for the nocturnal night wings then it’s off to the fabled Shula Bowl. When you take out International and Atlantic in their names F-U remains.

#4 Florida Gators

Previous Rank #3

Record (4-4) Next Opponent: @ Texas A&M. The Gators lost twice this week. One L we saw coming from a mile a way while the other was a surprise. The Lizards got blasted 42-20 by UGA and lost Cormani McClain in the same week. Stay hot Bayou Billy. If you played a drinking game for every time Anthony Richardson throws an incomplete pass you would have liver failure by now.

#3 FIU Golden Panthers

Previous Rank #4

Record (4-4) Next Opponent: @ North Texas. Wo wo wo. The Felines of Coral Gables scored 42 points? And won? Yup, in a battle between cats and dogs the Panthers beat the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 42-34. I wonder if that Louisiana school wants Bayou Billy Back? Panthers move up ahead of the Gators in this week’s OBBL power poll because they beat the bulldogs and UF couldn’t.

# 2 FSU Seminoles


Previous Rank #2

Record (5-3) Next Opponent: @ Miami Hurricanes. Mike Norvell rebounded his tomahawk tykes when they dismantled the Yellow Jackets 41-16 at home. The Seminoles scored over 40 and had 642 total on the game. Josh Gattis would have needed about 25 overtime sessions to pull that off. The war chant comes to Hard Rock as the odds on favorite to beat the Hurricanes. (-7.5) Anything goes in a rivalry week. I hope.

#1 UCF Knights

Previous Rank #2

Record (6-2) Next Opponent: @ #20 Memphis. Nice rebound by the armored ones of Orlando. The Knights beat a ranked Cincinnati Bearcats team 25-21. After playing fictional number one champ in the OBBL power poll last week they get to own this one outright. The plated pals got 505 total yards vs. the school Enos went to after being fired by Manny. Maybe one day the Hurricanes will look a little north and figure out that fun offense wins ball games.

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