Why Josh Gattis Should Be Fired…Now!

The 2022 Miami Hurricanes season has been a tumultuous one and we still have four games to play. The biggest issue with this team thus far has been the lack of consistent offense. Mario Cristobal made a splashy hire when he went out and plucked Josh Gattis from Michigan. Many cheered it. In hindsight, it has been an abject failure on every level. So here is the case for firing Josh Gattis…now.

Not adapting to your roster

What makes a great coach a great coach? The ability to put your players in the best position to win game to game. That means you must craft a scheme that plays to your players strengths. You may want to run a certain scheme, but if you do not have the players, you must adjust. That is your job. Josh Gattis came in here and decided to try and fit a round peg into a square hole. He failed his players from the jump as a result. Especially his quarterback.

Not scoring points

It is 2022. Modern football requires lots of points. Defense has been largely legislated out of the game compared to decades past. You must be able to score 35+ every week if you want to have sustained success. Presently, Josh Gattis’ offense is averaging 17.6 points per game against P5 competition. He has yet to score 30 against any of them. Here is the worst part, it is getting worse as the season progresses, not improving. Prime example: vs Virginia, his offense only managed to cross midfield once in the second half.

Dreadful play calling in the redzone

Obviously, this is the case if you are unable to score points. But the way in which it is happening is maddening. The play calls in the redzone are straight out of the ‘ask Madden’ feature. Too often we just seem to let a running back randomly ram his helmet against the line hoping to find a hole to squeeze in. There is zero creativity. The only redzone pass he knows is a fade. In a part of the field where there is already limited space, he ignores half of it.

He does not deserve the money

This is a glorious new world Canes fans live in. One with unlimited budgetary means to hire the best coaches in the business. The position of offensive coordinator at Miami is $1.8 million if reports are to be believed. That’s $600k more than Alex Golesh at Tennessee. $800k more than Dillingham at Oregon. Over $1m more than Garrett Riley at TCU. As a result, the school is literally flushing a million dollars down the toilet because they are getting low-six-figure output for a high seven figure cost. It makes zero sense to keep him.

Mario, Gattis isn’t one of your Columbus Crew. You have zero allegiance to him. He was a hired gun, don’t let him bring you down. Accept the mistake and move on. If you do, no one will care 3 years from now. It will have been a blip. A bad dream. End it please.

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About the Author: Toast

Although born and raised in Connecticut, Toast has been a Miami Hurricanes fan since the mid 80’s. He wanted to like a team that none of his friends or relatives did. The fact that liking the Canes really annoyed the crap out of many of them was just the cherry on top of the National Titles. He left the north in 1997 with only his cat and got on I-95 South and didn’t stop until it ended. Over a 20-year career, he had successful stints on various South Florida radio stations before moving on to other interests in 2020. One of those interests was the Orange Bowl Boys podcast he started with two longtime friends in 2017. This whole website is a result of that fateful first episode…silly us, we thought we were going to roll LSU that first game in Dallas.

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