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I guess you saw the headline.  Why Josh Gattis should be fired… I personally do not see what the big deal is and for several reasons. Toast clearly stated that very same sentiment on the recap show and elaborated after the failed experiment it was time to make a move. The Orange Bowl Boys have always said things. This time it was simply written down.

And we realize it is that time of year right? The Auburn Tigers just had wholesale changes including dismissing its offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau. In an era where point totals are inflated in college football the Auburn administration didn’t feel 19.5 points a game vs. P5 competition was sufficient. Josh Gattis currently averages 17.6

Take whatever inflammatory headline out of the equation and just meditate on the following: Two games with no touchdowns. 17.6 vs power 5. 112th in plays over 30 yards. 121st in plays over 40 yards. 96th in red zone TD%. 89th in rushing offense. 45th in total offense. 48th in 3rd down conversions.  A 6.5 point average in the second half last five games. 93rd in sacks allowed and the mismanagement of a potential first round QB.

No one, and I mean no one, anticipated this type of performance from the offense this year. I know there has been injuries and I am somewhat sympathetic to that fact. But I think the statistical malpractice goes beyond just the scope of injuries. It has been a defunct marriage with multiple partners.

That includes the OC. Let me be clear here. I do not dislike Josh Gattis and understandably there is always potential for a rebound. The Missouri Tigers have the 3rd best total defense in the SEC and rank top 20 nationally. Blake Baker is their defensive coordinator. Yes. That Blake Baker who gave up 778 yards to the North Carolina Tar Heels. Yes. That Blake Baker who was relieved of his duties shortly after.

We live in a sports culture where if a player has multiple bad games, even sometimes one mind you, they get replaced. The pressure to perform is always immense. I didn’t have an issue with Blake Baker either per say, that is, until 778 yards entered the equation. That was his moment. You know the one. Where coach taps you on the shoulder and says, “hit the bench.”

Gattis deserves to hit the bench. You arguably could find 778 reasons why. The biggest reason might be because this team sits at 4-4 with losses to MTSU and Duke. Other teams didn’t necessarily struggle to find offenses against our opponents. However Miami and Josh Gattis were comfortable drivers of the 2022 struggle bus.

After the ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs, he was never going to be the first baseman for the Boston Red Socks again. Life Happens. Failure in sports happens. The Red Socks eventually would win a World Series. The curse of the Bambino would finally be lifted.

Now what I do hope is the Miami Hurricanes learn from this season. The last offensive coordinator search produced names that came to the surface. If you think we live in a cutthroat sports culture, you are fooling yourself if you don’t think the envious of other’s culture isn’t as robust.

And maybe those offenses were considered too “gimmicky” at the time. Maybe when Mario Cristobal traveled to Ohio State and simply dominated them with physicality he felt he had the blue print. There is a reason different architecture in various parts of the country exist. It has a myriad of pressing factors. Miami has tried to run a pro system for decades now and every time it does it continually doesn’t work.

There have been so many different architects who have tried. Gattis being the latest one. That is not the opinion of one student of the game, a long time fan, or anyone claiming to be an expert at x’s and o’s. That is simply me stating what should be rather obvious. Bad offense has plagued this program as long as any bad coach has.

Patrick Nix went to Randy Shannon and told him he wanted to run an up-tempo spread offense. Randy told him no. Coach Shannon took residence in “pro town.” I for one don’t want any part or residency in “pro town.” Nope. I packed my bags and left years and years ago. I don’t even think I got market value for my old “pro town” home. And I didn’t care. Hey remember when option football used to have no vacancies?

One day Mario Cristobal will get some insane talent here. When you have Pro-Joes I am all in favor of a pro system. Until that time comes however, we might want to look at how other people score points with less talent. Is this the time to remind everyone Miami’s roster talent (13th) ranks ahead of Tennessee’s? (19th)

I know, I know, the rankings are Bull Shit Ro. You can’t use roster rankings by a site that makes a living ranking recruits. Miami doesn’t really have the 13th best roster in terms of talent. Everyone else’s rankings are legit except somehow there is a supernatural cosmic loophole that states Miami does not have talent when it doesn’t get its way. Or when it’s 4-4.

That last paragraph was penned in sarcasm font if you couldn’t tell.

Tennessee has an offense that currently averages 553 yards a game (1st) and 49.4 points a game. (1st) The system the Volunteers employ is such a stark contrast to the one the Miami Hurricanes run. Not wrong, just different. That is a life motto of mine. But their offense is just so much better than ours. And that is the difference.

Maybe when you clicked on this editorial you thought it was going to be an apology on behalf of the Legend. Nope. I am actually doubling down on what Toast expressed. Coach Josh Gattis let the ball roll right through his legs this season. I am just hoping the next first baseman is more athletic than his predecessor. This town needs explosive and new. It hasn’t needed the old and worn down in quite a while.


  1. Rgomez100 November 3, 2022 at 8:59 am

    So what are the chances the Mario pulls the trigger and fires Gattis and replaces him with someone like Golesh?

    • Roman Marciante November 3, 2022 at 10:34 am

      I don’t think he will have another opportunity at Golesh. Hard to see Tennessee letting him walk after the success they had this year. He could be in line to become a head coach somewhere as well.

      • Rgomez100 November 3, 2022 at 2:53 pm

        Understood but what I meant to ask is will he fire Gattis and go for someone that has the philosophy for a Golesh type offense. As you have eloquently stated, pro-style offenses in Miami have not been as productive as the 2-year tenure of Lashlee.

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