X’s & Ro Week 9

Week 9 Miami Hurricane Video Mailbag Series

Show Notes

Some great questions this week and the focus, which has been the case this year, is on the offense. Or maybe the lack thereof as the Miami Hurricanes only managed six points at the end of regulation. The Miami Hurricanes points per game total vs. P5 is slipping and it currently sits 17.6 points per game. 

Was it Jake Garcia this week? The Miami Hurricane hovered around 50% in terms of accuracy but the over usage of mesh concepts didn’t do him any favors. When the offense is starting to become very predictable and repeatable the OC is falling to come up with consistent answers.

What can Steele do to stop Jordan Travis? The Hurricanes defensively have given up its lion’s share of first down runs to quarterbacks. The third down plan needs to be a good one in order to stop the mobile FSU QB.

X’s and Ro Week 9 is the Video Mailbag Series where you have questions and we’ve got answers. Sometimes even good ones.

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  1. fraggle318 November 4, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    At the start of the Virginia game I thought Garcia was developing a rhythm. Then a third and short they used Brown who got the first down. I wanted Garcia back after that play but they left Brown in and he lost yardage and then they put Garcia in a long yardage third down. I believe if Garcia went in right after the first down it would not have disrupted his rhythm. All QB’s seem to be streaky and Garcia was moving the team. I have no problem with Brown on short yardage, but get the starting QB back in right after his first down runs.

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