FSU Band not Expected at Hard Rock. Good Riddance.

We have all heard it Miami Hurricane fans. The most annoying song in college football. It is nails on a chalkboard and Bill Burr isn’t wrong. The FSU Band (the Chiefs) seemingly only know one song. The band plays it incessantly. When the comedian took a jab on the Conan O’Brien Show every single Miami fan collectively laughed and reveled in his comedic truth.

Is the war chant part of college football? Yes. Is it an iconic part of FSU’s history? Sure. Is it part of the rivalry? Yes. But does it belong in Hard Rock Stadium played every 30 seconds? Not at all. You are afforded certain inalienable rights as part of your own home field advantage. But somehow when FSU comes into town we lose access to our own playlist.

I have been a season ticket holder and have witnessed many opposing bands over the years. There is this certain courtesy to the affair. The ebbs and flow of the game has a soundtrack that is respected by both home and away bands. However that soundtrack gets absolutely obliterated anytime FSU comes into town. .

A home field advantage is a benefit the home team is said to gain over the visiting team. This benefit has been attributed to the psychological effects the supporting fans have on the competitors. If you bring your band to a road game it should be a courteous afterthought. But that has NEVER been what FSU abides by. They are incapable of varying the sound track. It’s their way or the highway.

I don’t know why or what the rationale is for the possible absence of the FSU marching band. But if they never play another note in Hard Rock Stadium (it will be same notes mind you) I wouldn’t mind. The repercussion? You can tell the Band of the Hour to stay back at Coral Gables next year. You wouldn’t hear a fraction of the faux outrage from Miami fans if you did.

At Doak Campbell Stadium you have my permission to play the War Chant 700 times a minute like you always do. That’s your homefield advantage not ours. And if you didn’t like where we place your band if and when you come to our stadium, kick rocks. Have you ever paid attention to the home field locker room vs. the visitor’s locker room? Pipe down.

If the reason is you aren’t able to send your own band is because of financial hardship, then I pray you never utilize a go-fund-me account to remedy it. It is hate week and I hate that song. The only thing I will miss about it is what Miami fans sing incessantly over the top of that war chant track.

We have our own version of the tomahawk chop. However we only use one finger when we do it.

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