Behind the Episode – Chapter 46 – Or is it 45?

That is another episode in the books. When Chapter 46 started I was so damn excited over the missed kick intro, I blurted out the wrong number again. Yes my Latin friends the episode isn’t “Cuarenta y Cinco.” It actually is “Cuarenta y Seis.” Cue up Behind the Episode Chapter 46 let’s go.

The time warp I felt when I heard the wide right (and left) montage in the open was nostalgic. Instantly my mind warped to where I was when they happened. The wide left at home I was at the old Orange Bowl. At the very tippy top of the old Little Havana hottie. The Seminole kick sailed, the place erupted and suddenly I might have gotten a little too excited.

The show progressed and I knew we had to address the elephant in the room. Toast wrote an article earlier in the week that read, “Why Josh Gattis Should be Fired…Now! The headline might have been a little inflammatory but he articulated his points very well. Here is one of them.

Not scoring points

It is 2022. Modern football requires lots of points. Defense has been largely legislated out of the game compared to decades past. You must be able to score 35+ every week if you want to have sustained success. Presently, Josh Gattis’ offense is averaging 17.6 points per game against P5 competition. He has yet to score 30 against any of them. Here is the worst part, it is getting worse as the season progresses, not improving. Prime example: vs Virginia, his offense only managed to cross midfield once in the second half.

So we discussed the offensive coordinator and a feeling took over me like a garnet and gold wave. Why in the hell am I wasting my breath on this offense any more than I should? I have made my points so clear on previous shows and in print. The offense sucks and Miami keeps trying to run a pro system without pro joes. Honestly, I just wanted to stop talking about Josh Gattis.

It has been a calamitous ground hogs day, one in which I am tired of watching bad offensive football in this town. No more repeating it. Of course the keys to the FSU game were essentially score more points and limit Jordan Travis. As simple as that sounds it will be the most accurate thing you read in this article. Especially when you consider the title.

My fellow Orange Bowl Boys had a little more love for the Miami Hurricanes in the Power Poll than I did. I had the orange and green move up only one spot to number 6. I am not a big believer in this program right now in the short term. In the long term I know Mario is a tireless worker undeniably a great recruiter and he will do everything in his power to get this right.

So it pained me to pick against my beloved Hurricanes this week in the “pick-em” segment. 31-20 was my final score prediction. You can’t rely on your defense all year and at a certain point you just need points. I felt my pick was fair considering 20 points is more than three times their point total after regulation a week ago.

It is officially tailgate time. I can’t wait to meet many of you and the ones who are flying into town this week. Safe travels my friends. May we witness a different anomaly this week. One in which shows an offense who is explosive and dangerous with a head coach who makes great game day decisions. Let us pray for no turnovers and no bonehead plays. Amen.

It would be an anomaly because this team hasn’t played a complete game all year. Here is to hoping Hurricane fans. Behind the Episode Chapter 46. Cheers.

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