BOYS and BOOS: Florida State Edition

Just when we think it can’t get any worse. Just when we think we’ve hit rock bottom, the floor continues to give way. Your Miami Hurricanes were absolutely embarrassed and dominated by Florida State at home by a score of 45-3. Let’s go over the Boys and Boos.


I am going to preface this by saying I don’t think anyone deserves to be here but here we go.

Jacurri Brown – Dude is electric. He is a jolt of energy. The numbers were not impressive by any stretch (5-9, 37 yards and 1 INT) but he ran hard and played with tons of energy. He had the Canes knocking on the door of the endzone until an errant snap blew up the Canes’ only chance of a TD in the game.

Jaylan Knighton – After being in the dog house last week, Rooster came back and had a good game. Four carries for 60 yards (15.0 avg) with a career long of 45.

Fans – Hats off to you guys. The energy in the building was palpable. If Miami can ever get this rolling again, Hard Rock Stadium will not be an easy place to win. Hard Rock Stadium at night just hits different also.


Josh Gattis and the Offense – I am getting tired of including this here. It’s really getting old. A total of 3 points in the game. A donut in the second half. A total mismanagement of the quarterback position when Van Dyke reinjured his shoulder and had to leave the game. 188 yards of offense; 126 passing yards; 62 rushing yards; 4-13 on 3rd down; only 13 first downs. The QB situation was tough but it’s got to be handled better. After Garcia throws another interception (we’ll get to him later), Jacurri Brown was effective in moving the offense. Why pull him for Garcia AGAIN? No entiendo. This is also the THIRD GAME THIS SEASON where we haven’t scored a touchdown.  THE THIRD GAME. You haven’t scored a touch down in ONE-THIRD of the games you’ve played this season. Downright offensive.

Jake Garcia – my man, my dude, my guy. C’mon man. In his last three games, Garcia has totaled 7 turnovers by himself. SEVEN. If this is not a case of the mental yips, I don’t know what is. I would think this is the first time in his football career that he’s dealt with this kind of adversity so he’s got to step up and figure it out or his Miami career will be short-lived.

Defense – I have no words here. Another game, third game this season, that a team has scored 45 points at Hard Rock stadium. Allowed FSU to play their game and hit all their averages. 454 Yard of offense. 7.0 Yards per play. 13 chunk plays. FSU’s entire offense was huge chunk plays and we couldn’t stop it. Woefully unprepared and terrible.

This one was ugly from the jump and it got out of hand quickly. I don’t feel like thinking about this game anymore. The 24-hour rule is in effect. On to Georgia Tech. Let’s Go Canes!

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  1. Page Horton November 6, 2022 at 10:48 pm

    Just some thoughts…

    1) If we are not careful we will find we have ruined Jacurri Brown. Gattis and staff have taken a top QB room and ruined it – plain and simple. He is a true freshman expected to find a way to fix our problems. They won’t be fixed this year.

    2) Jake went from an amazing QB who showed great promise and had a great arm. To a man that is just a int artist. Come on. He has been killed since TVD went down. He is running scared and showing it in his lack of confidence. Duke changed him (yes that oh so fearfully Duke who was able to get two unblocked defenders to kill him) Some may not understand this, but football (especially at QB) is very, very, very mental. Jake may be facing his first mental challenge in his life. If I remember right he moved High Schools more than I change underware. He may not be as tough as you want (see TVD trying to play with a bad passing arm), but he was good. What you Gattis have done is destroyed the confidence in a very good QB. He probably won’t recover and will go to a div 2 school to finish is time. But really did it have to be this way?

    3) Defense has had issues with running QB for years now. I get it. Even under current DC, he puts two spies (mind you that takes 2 players out of the defense to simple spy on the QB) and the QB still gets yards. But how many times in the last couple of years have we been unable to get off the field on 3ed and forever? Its bad.

    4) I separated this one from #3. Because its so special on its own. Why in the hell can our secondary not defend the long pass. We allow more receivers to get behind us than any defense I have ever seen. I get it happens 1 or 2 times in a season, stuff happens. But we are gashed so much it should become a mime. What the hell is wrong with this staff – you cannot fix that particular issue over last 4 games. Its become a joke that will get more ugly as we move forward.

    5) Team has given up on Mario. Not much else to say.

    6) You cannot hire your OC/DC after you hire the rest of your staff. I know you want all your friends, family, and old collogues with you. Isn’t that nice. But that doesn’t work in sports. Find a staff that fits the talent in your area. Your staff doesn’t do that. You need allow OC and DC to work to pick their people. People they trust and have a good working relationship with. Without that you are fried. Does anyone remember Jimmy Johnson having to keep the staff from previous staff at Miami…Maryland, Boston College….it was bad. You just don’t do that.

    7) Lastly, and this is simply my opinion, Mario has lost this team. They gave up early in the FSU game like they did in MTSU and Duke. All those teams had no business being on the field with Miami, instead they curb stomped you and dominated. You gave no fight. FSU did anything, and everything they wanted. This season is done. So how do you fix it? A clearing of the house and reestablishing an identity is a very painful thing to do. But it will fix the issue in 2 -3 years. Gut tells me you don’t have the balls to do it. Your ego is just to great to overcome the idea that you need to change. The 1990’s, pro set/option type old grid them out football you have believed in has past its time. And you cannot move on.

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