We have to call the OBBFD. There were some serious burns this week and we have to at least give them recognition while we conjure up what extinguishment agents to use. The masses had plenty to say after the Hurricanes were embarrassed by FSU 45-3 at Hard Rock Stadium. OBB burns FSU style will have the top clap backs of the week. Starting with….

Honorable Mention

Manny Navarro

The Athletic

We feel you Mr. Navarro. The Hurricanes haven’t scored a touchdown in nine quarters. The 3 points vs. FSU was the lowest point total on the year. Fight the good fight though. You are one of the good ones and the only one of us who can restore the name of Manny in this town.

One Alarm Fire (Bronze)


Somewhere Dave Wannstedt is smiling and so are we. Ricky Williams ran so much in that format he had to take a necessary hiatus and smoke more weed than Toast. Now we offer delta 8 and delta 9 gummies for that sort of thing. Diesel, at least Lou Hedley gets his work in and we all know he’s the real offensive MVP.

Two Alarm Fire (Silver)


That was the slap heard around the world and we hear you @305madeAJ. And you actually changed your AVI because it looked like you lost a bet. But let us ask you a question onto what hurt worse. Chris Rock’s face or this ass whooping the Seminoles just laid on us? Did you know Jada’s character in the movie Low Down Dirty Shame was named peaches. She is far from it.

Three Alarm Fire (Gold)


This tweet did two things. One, made us laugh. Two, made us start this series in its entirety. Anthony might be an FSU fan but at least we can applaud his creativity and honesty. At least we didn’t have to hear the Seminole band play the War Chant as we exited. The band couldn’t afford to come.

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