Student of the Game: FSU vs. Miami Hurricanes

Student of the Game FSU vs. Miami Hurricanes. Miami was involved in a train wreck at Hard Rock Stadium. Mario Cristobal and company suffered its worst defeat of the season 45-3 to its rival Florida State. This was the third game this season where the Hurricanes didn’t score an offensive touchdown.

The defense has been plagued by routine blown coverages and missed assignments. It didn’t take long for the Seminoles to hit pay dirt. A simple motion away from the boundary left apparent confusion and the cornerback got burned. There was no step for step on the play it was simply a cloud of dust.

A key to the game was limiting the big play. Whoever was ultimately responsible for the coverage still didn’t erase the quick score. It happened. The Miami Hurricanes will need improved communication back there if it looks to achieve bowl eligibility. That might be a longshot at this point.

Mike Norvell and the Seminoles had a good game plan ready for the Hurricanes. They set up traps, played some tendencies, and kept the Hurricanes off schedule most of the night. The injury to TVD was devastating and the Hurricanes backup signal callers found tough sledding much of the night.

On Jake Garcia’s interception, the Noles had apparent cushion over the WR1. When Garcia saw the cushion he reacted except this time a Seminole defender was awaiting in the midst. Van Dyke earlier in the game saw something similar in terms of a DB2 jumping over to WR1.

I won’t lie. This film review was rougher than actually watching the game live. You could see a huge talent differential on the offensive side of the ball for the Seminoles. And defensively when the rival wanted to take you out, they simply could go in man coverage and do it effectively.

The Miami Hurricanes are 4-5 and looking for answers but none seem to be on the horizon. Will Cristobal rally the troops or do we have to wait for next year’s Calvary to come along? Student of the Game is where you bring popcorn to enjoy and a pencil to take notes. Just some friendly advice however, you might need some aspirin this week too.

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  1. Page Horton November 7, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    Once again great review, but very depressing to watch.

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