OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 10

The OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 10 edition will have a new cellar dweller and a new number one. When one team destroys its rival on prime time TV the rankings tend to get weighted. RACK EM!

#7 Miami Hurricanes

Previous Rank #6

Record (4-5) Next Opponent: @ Georgia Tech. Miami’s rank in the OBBL power poll (7) was STILL more than the amount of points they scored when they faced off vs the Seminoles. (3) The Norvell Ninjas dismantled the Hurricanes 45-3 at Hard Rock Stadium. Mario’s first rendition of the rivalry was a laugher. The night’s saving grace was that the FSU Band was left back in the Tallahassee. In the war chant’s place was a laugh track.


Previous Rank #7

Record (1-8) Next Opponent: vs. Rhett Lashlee. The horned ones any other week would be the last team in the power poll. When they lost to Temple 54-28 they finally fired Head Coach Jeff Scott who was 4-26 after three seasons. The Hurricanes still are the cellar dwellers because Scott’s 4 wins were still more than the amount of points Miami scored vs. FSU.

#5 FIU Golden Panthers

Previous Rank #3

Record (4-5) Next Opponent: vs. FAU. The Miami Kitties took a step back. Maybe Yost’s hair was covering his eyes this week because the Panthers lost to North Texas 52-14. The Shula Bowl is up next and the Owls will drive down I95 and play in the devil’s liar. That isn’t what they call FIU’s home stadium that is just the first strike in Destiny and I play a ton of it.

#4 FAU Owls

Previous Rank #5

Record (4-5) Next Opponent: @ FIU. The Owls were on a Bye Week. Willy will score more points vs. his rival than the Miami Hurricanes did. I promise.

#3 Florida Gators

Previous Rank #4

Record (5-4) Next Opponent: vs. USCe. The Gators did two things that the Miami Hurricanes couldn’t. The Swamp beat Texas A&M 41-24 and they actually scored touchdowns in that matchup while they did it. Bayou Billy gets to host Spencer Rattler this week and I still can’t believe how miserable he was to his teammates on that QB1 show.

#2 UCF Knights

Previous Rank #1

Record (7-2) Next Opponent: @ #16 Tulane. The Orlando Omegas have two back to back wins vs. quality opponents who don’t belong to a power 5 conference. Sure the Knights beat Memphis 35-28 but who cares. The Knights will join the Big 12 and we will finally start to weight some of these wins for them. Until that time, be gone to the kiddy table.

# 1 FSU Seminoles

Previous Rank #2

Record (6-3) Next Opponent: @ Syracuse. Good job boys. You kicked our ass and did so in such a fashion you earned the top spot this week in the power poll. The Tomahawk Tribe beat the Hurricanes 45-3. The Seminoles forced 50% of the Miami Hurricanes to scatter by halftime. The only thing FSU needed to work on is their War Chant timing because it wasn’t the same when the band isn’t keeping their rhythm for them.

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