Behind the Episode- Chapter 47- The Notebook is Scary

That is another episode in the books. Shortly after Chapter 47 ended the news broke that Jaden Rashada flipped his commitment to the Gators. Well, that would have been some nice commentary to discuss on the pod. The Notebook is scary and so is losing your class’s QB1. Behind the Episode Chapter 47 is cued up and ready to go.

I am amazed how sometimes the fans get blamed for recruiting woes. A coach can literally point at a recruiting mishap and lay it at the feet of the fans and I laugh about it. Fans everywhere lose their minds when a player decommits. And when you lose games all bets are off. Losing is the calamitous catalyst. Fans aren’t going to cooperate no matter who you are. A simple reminder, the Hurricanes have lost a lot this season.

Which now ties into how the episode started. I had no intentions talking about the offense. Or the lack-there-of. I ranted so unbearably hard on the recap show I just wanted to stay away from my triggers. There is a dichotomy within me. I find it so easy to go back to my locker room days and talk openly with my friends, the Orange Bowl Boys. But I am a father too.

I have tried to evolve over the years. I didn’t want them to hear that shit. But I screamed so loud that the whole house heard me. In the end you are what you say and do. I said it. Moving on.

Toast didn’t realize that he summed up the whole season perfectly. He might have been haphazardly joking about it. But the fact with three games to go the only highlight we could muster was Andy Borregales up for the Lou Groza award was telling.

That isn’t taking a shot at Mr. Borregales at all. Good job kid. We are proud of you. It is just that this season hasn’t gone to plan. We were supposed to see Tyler Van Dyke nominated for a Heisman, Will Mallory up for a John Mackey and the Hurricanes playing in Charlotte. We wanted 10-2 and instead we got the worst statistical offense we have seen at Miami. Maybe ever? (At least since 2009)

Damn it. You see? I don’t want to talk about bad offense and I can’t even help it when I write. I will disagree with Toast though. I don’t think there is a shot in hell Josh Gattis is retained. The only silver lining is that I love watching new offenses and figuring out how they work. Discord-U has been my fortress of solitude as of late.

We aren’t predicting another win for the Miami Hurricanes for the rest of the season. Scoop made the case earlier in the show that this was the week to win. This is absolutely a very bad Georgia Tech team. Yet Sir Scoop had the Hurricanes losing in the Pick-EM segment. (Brought to you by Beatin-the-Bookie) I wasn’t going to call him out on his hypocrisy. Hope is a virtuous word but it can also be a dangerous thing. Hope certainly has never been a great strategy.

Scoop hoped for a win but he knew better. We all did. The Week 9 Florida Power Poll had even my alma mater ahead of the Hurricanes this week. I wore my STA alumni shirt the other day to my daughter’s volleyball practice. I had been wearing a bunch of Hurricane swag. I got more of a reaction from this week’s wardrobe to be honest.

I wanted to sneak in the 5 questions segment and I did. The fact Toast figured out my true intentions was impressive and scary. But the Notebook is scarier. How is dementia and the inaccurate portrayal of men in a relationship not the scariest thing on planet earth? I digress.

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