Behind the Episode – Chapter 48 – Cataclysmic

That is another episode in the books and it didn’t take long. The intro had the high pitched Mario voice declare, “come get your kids.” That comment sent a shockwave throughout the nation and certainly permeated this episode. Behind the Episode Chapter 48 is cued up and ready to go.

Mario Cristobal totally dismantled the participation trophy generation piece by piece with the quote of quotes. The culture at Miami doesn’t care about turnover chains or feelings these days. Remember when Al Golden had a corny practice jersey colored system. At least on paper.

Coach Cristobal just ratcheted up the premise by 1000. It is a meritocracy. You earn your way. And when you don’t earn your way you aren’t allowed to bitch about it through social media avenues. Or-he will call you out. That is a man who obviously is unabated and unafraid. You have heard someone being called “tough as nails” Mario is beyond that. He is the hammer.

“A parent is free and welcome to pick up their son if they’re not happy with their playing time.” Mario Cristobal

I didn’t mean to make the moment about me but I couldn’t help see my daughter’s coach’s face. The bewilderment in his eyes when I thanked him for how he coached my daughter. She rode the bench sometimes. Yes. She started sometimes. Yes. Did I agree with everything he did? No. But that wasn’t my place to speak out of turn. We will work harder. Thank you.

Bob Ross was unjustifiably slandered by Scoop. How dare he slander the happy little tree guy. I honestly don’t know what was/is bigger. Bob Ross’s hair or how big the point total the Miami Hurricanes are as underdogs. That is why my first key of the game was don’t get blown out. 58-0 still permeates this program like a wretched stank.

The Miami Hurricanes don’t need another reminder of how far it has fallen behind the proverbial ACC champs. We don’t want to be “off pudding.” And I wasn’t lying, I never heard the term of “off pudding” until Episode 48.

We are the ad kings. Find someone better, I dare you. No one can talk about wallets, canes apparel, gummies and balls like we can. Scoop has been secretly trying to pull the plug on the Florida Power Poll segment. I am going to keep championing that segment even though most of the Florida teams are terrible. Plus I just got Toast to interject new stripper names. It was Crystal this week.

Report to the stage woman.

The Qatari Royal Family edited our pod this week. Nice touch Toast. For the World Cup fans in the audience enjoy the festivities. I am a big Italian World Cup soccer fan. My last name is Marciante and not Mc’ Murphy so it makes sense. One of the most lasting memories of my Grandfather (Nonno) was how excited he was when the Azure won in 2006.

Sheboygan is a city in Wisconsin and how in the world did we start talking about Chicken Joe or why he was a good surfer. We need the Miami Hurricanes to hang 10 this week. Actually keeping it within ten would be nice. Go back to key number one. Don’t get blown out.

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