OBBL Miami Hurricanes vs. Clemson Score Predictions

You are going to see a lot of tiger paws this week in the OBBL Miami Hurricanes vs. Clemson score predictions. The Hurricanes will be starting true freshman Jacurri Brown in Death Valley. It sounds ominous. Clemson has absolutely dominated the series as of late winning by a combined score of 138-20 the last three contests. The Hurricanes will look to avoid embarrassment when they face of vs. Dabo Sweeney and company.

Series Notes

The all time series between the Miami Hurricanes and Clemson Tigers is tied at 6 wins. The two ACC foes have faced off a total of 12 times and Clemson owns the largest margin of victory at 58-0 accomplished in 2015. The longest win streak is also tied between both schools at 3. 

Clemson owns the advantage in Conference Championships (26) Bowl Games, (48) Wins all-time (787) and have a better Bowl Record winning percentage. (.542)

Miami owns the advantage in All Time Record (.627) National Championships (5) Consensus All-Americans (36) Heisman Winners (2) NFL Draft Picks (67) and First Round NFL Draft Picks. (5th)

Founder Predictions

Toast: “We are a sum of our parts.” 24-10 

Roman: “I have heard of off Broadway but never off pudding.”  34-10

Scoop: “Sheboygan is a city in Wisconsin and usually it’s Ro with the random facts.” 37-13

Fan Predictions

OBB Legend Predictions 

As we storm Death Valley like the warrior poets who stormed the fields of Bannockburn, we can’t stop wondering one thing. How much fun is it to run down that Clemson Hill thingie? I mean we don’t want to touch Howard’s rock, that seems boring but running down the hill? That seems like fun. Maybe when the crowd isn’t paying attention we can sneak over there and give it a try.

John Michaels 31-10

Lance Roffers 38-10

Max Bukovec 45-17 

Simon Valcin JR. 45-10

Tony Valdes 34-10

Jake Campbell 41-6

The Ambassador Shelton Douthett 27-24

Bob Caniacs 42-24

Canes Rev 44-10

Jimbo 52-10

Hebrew Hammer 58-24

OBBBL Miami Hurricanes vs. Clemson Score Predictions brought to you by Dees.

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