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Steve Kim’s Canes Corner. It was apt that Miami’s offense played in ‘Death Valley’ as once again their offense barely showed a heart beat in losing to Clemson, 40-10. And quite frankly, I’m surprised the Hurricanes actually scored double-digit points.

Yeah, our offense is really that putrid.

Once again, it showed no life.

The defense after buckling early on in the game, actually stiffened a bit in the second half, and the game stood at 26-10 somehow in the fourth quarter. But the reality is that this game was never really in doubt. Clemson jumped on UM early with their first two drives, and then pulled away late.

But regardless of the result, this much is clear: the offense needs to be fixed, if not overhauled.

Not just with talent, but perhaps with a whole new philosophy. Yeah, it’s been beset with injuries upfront, the lack of a real deep threat outside, and the loss of Tyler Van Dyke. Those are all real issues. But this unit has been downright anemic for much of the year.

There’s been plenty of heat on coordinator, Josh Gattis, and you can argue if that’s justified given the issues he’s faced. But when you’re a former Broyles Award winner, and getting compensated as well as he is, you simply can’t have one of the worst offenses in the country.

To be fair, in this particular game there were some missed opportunities that are squarely on the players. The second play from scrimmage for the Miami offense saw Jacurri Brown miss a wide open Xavier Restrepo being overthrown. A decent throw, and it’s a touchdown. Instead, it was an incompletion that set up a third and long.

Later in the game as Miami was trying to claw back, talented young tight end, Jaleel Skinner, ran a wheel route where he had a step on a defender, and proceeded to have a well thrown pass by Jake Garcia bounced off his facemask.

Players have to make plays, bottom line.

But overall, once again we saw a slow, methodical and unproductive offense that never really did their part to give Miami a fighting shot versus the Tigers. Just how bad were they?

They produced just six first downs.

They had just 68 passing yards.

Rushed for only 30.

And held the ball for just 21 minutes and 45 seconds.

Yeah, this is a dead offense.

– OK, there were some positives in this loss, believe it or not. Kam Kinchens is really putting together a strong season, and after last weeks INT hat trick, he had 13 tackles (9 solo) and caused a fumble. Currently he is playing at an All-ACC level

And Wesley Bissainthe is clearly the foundation of the linebacking core moving forward. He had eight tackles on Saturday. He is clearly the best freshman linebacker Miami has seen since Sean Spence, or perhaps Denzel Perryman.

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  1. Miamijoe55 November 20, 2022 at 9:18 pm

    Totally agree with offense as I sat in stands surrounded by Clemson fans listen to me accurately predicting our play calls on most plays. I hate to see a Colbie Young’s talent wasted. The defense has some good young players to build around as there are no departing seniors I’m going to miss. It will be interesting to see if Van Dyke comes back.

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