OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 12

The OBBL Florida Power Poll Week 12 edition has your Miami Hurricanes sliding down the poll again. When you manage only 98 yards in a game what do you expect? Who are the big movers and shakers this week? RACK EM.



Record (1-10) Next Opponent: vs. #25 UCF. The Bulls are so bad. After starting the season 1-1 they have reeled off an impressive 9 straight losses. The most recent is when the Bulls on parade lost to Tulsa 48-42. The Knights are coming into town this week and the war for I-4 is sure to get lopsided and leave USF seeing red.

#6 FIU Golden Panthers


Record (4-7) Next Opponent: vs. Middle Tennessee. David Yost didn’t take our advice to get a hair cut. How are you going to call good plays if you can’t see the play sheet? The Gable-Cats got UTEP two Stepped 40-6. So you mean to tell me the Miami Hurricanes weren’t the lowest scoring team from Miami last week? Who knew.

#5 Miami Hurricanes

Previous Rank #4

Record (5-6) Next Opponent: vs. Pitt. The Hurricanes had 8 yards at half. Josh Gattis can see the play sheet just fine. He doesn’t have any hair. And the Hurricanes didn’t’ have any offense either as they were dismantled by the Orange and Purple Tigers 40-10. The Clemson players run down the hill and Miami comes tumbling after as they slip lower in the Florida Power Poll.

#4 FAU Owls

Previous Rank #5

Record (5-6) Next Opponent: vs. Western Kentucky. So apparently all Middle Tennessee does is head to south Florida and hand out losses. The Blue Raiders plucked the feathers off the owls 49-21. Willy Taggart will find it tough to go bowl eligible vs. the Hilltoppers of Kentucky West. What would Willy’s next job be you think?

#3 Florida Gators


Record (6-5) Next Opponent: @ FSU. Ooh bad loss. Vanderbilt earns its first win vs. Florida since 1988 31-24 and yet UF doesn’t move an inch in the power poll. That is ok. I am pretty sure they had more than 8 yards at half.  At least Bayou Billy slipped in the Gainesville public court of opinion. They already want the guy fired. Rough town.

#2 UCF Knights


Record (8-3) Next Opponent: @ USF. In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas, in the Navy, you can beat UCF with ease. The Midshipmen beat the Armored plate pals 17-14 and that village people song is stuck in my head. It was a remix. Kind of catchy if you think about it. The Knights had a cupcake schedule and now with three losses have no chance to make the fictitious playoffs.

# 1 FSU Seminoles


Record (8-3) Next Opponent: vs. Florida. Have to give it to 5-7 university, they are the number one team in the state with one week to go. They had the season many Miami Hurricanes had hoped for. The less offensive way to say Indians won 49-17 over Louisiana. And speaking of 5-7, Miami is dangerously close to taking that baton and running with it.

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