OBB Game Time: Miami Hurricanes vs. Pitt

This is it. The final regular season game of the year is upon us. And it is the OBB Game Time Miami vs. Pitt edition. The Hurricanes are literally limping to the finish line straight off their 98 yard offensive performance vs. Clemson. Will the Miami Hurricanes earn bowl eligibility? Only one more chance at it. Bring on the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Series Notes

The Miami Hurricanes lead the all times series with 29 wins while the Pittsburgh Panthers have 11. The largest margin of victory was in 1967 when the Hurricanes won 58-0. The longest win streak is also held by the Hurricanes who won 8 in a row from 1984-1996. The Hurricanes have a current win streak of 4. (2018-2021)

Miami owns the advantage in All Time Record, (.627) Conference Championships, (9) Bowl Games, (42) Bowl Record, (.452) Heisman Winners, (2) NFL Draft Picks, (355) First Round NFL Draft Picks, (67) and Weeks at AP no 1. (68)

Pitt owns the advantage in National Championships, (9) Wins All-Time (756) and Consensus All Americans. (8)

Game Time: Sat, Nov 26th at 8:00 PM

Location: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL


Weather: 84 Degrees, Partly Cloudy.

Pittsburgh Panthers (7-4)

3rd in ACC Coastal

Team Stats (2022)

PTS/G: 29.8 PITT

Pass Yards: 230.5

Rush Yards: 175.2 PITT

Opp PTS/G: 24.1 PITT

Opp Pass Yards: 243.1 PITT

Opp Rush Yards: 94.5 PITT

Starting QB K. Slovis

2135 YDS 7 TD 8 INT

Miami Hurricanes (5-6)

5th in ACC Coastal

Team Stats (2022)

PTS/G: 24.3

Pass Yards: 270.6 MIA

Rush Yards: 140.1

OPP PTS/G: 23.9

Opp Pass Yards: 246.7

Opp Rush Yards: 126.5

Starting QB: T. Van Dyke *

1763 YDS 10 TD, 4 INT



Pittsburgh with a 69% Chance to Win


Keep it together. The season hasn’t gone to plan and the offense is anemic. But no matter how bad things get you need to keep your composure. This isn’t the week to come unraveled with senseless penalties or mental lapses. Miami ranks 79th nationally in penalties averaging 57.3 yards a game. Let’s try to hit the under on that this week. That is something the Hurricanes can relatively control.

Let Ponce call plays. What used to sound as senseless call to arms should at least be considered. Miami is only netting you 17.0 a game vs. Power 5 competition and it is painfully obvious that the offensive personnel have stopped responding to Josh Gattis. Gattis was on record this week stating that the offense had changed three times this year. I suggest we change it a fourth.

Stare at the recruiting section. Yes. That is a key to the game. Any time the Hurricanes fail to convert on 3rd down, or just trip over themselves, look to future. If you stare at the recruiting section long enough, you’ll realize better days are ahead of this program.

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