Behind the Episode – Chapter 49 – The 4th Offense

That is another episode in the books. We were a two man show this week. Scoop was listed doubtful earlier in the week. The OBB training staff did what it could but he was a late night scratch. Feel better buddy. Chapter 49 “The 4th offense” is cued up and ready to go.

The Hurricanes need a win this week to achieve bowl eligibility. And I don’t think you realistically have a shot in this thing without Tyler Van Dyke under center. You would hope that the senior night buff would apply but this offense negates hope. It has been a calamity. And even kids on this roster apparently are negatively recruiting it?

It was a rumor that was dispelled of course but how can you even be remotely upset about the premise. If you are on that side of the ball and you aren’t playing, would you recommend an offense that managed 8 yards at half to your buddy? If you truly considered yourself a friend, you wouldn’t.

After being recommended a five star restaurant only to find the service, atmosphere and food were terrible, you don’t leave a glowing review. That isn’t normal.

The offense has changed three times. Josh Gattis wasn’t wrong. It was run heavy the first four, spread out, then morphed again when Jacurri Brown was under center. The 4th offense was the title we chose. Let Frank Ponce call plays. It might be time for a pinch hitter. Coaches pull struggling players all the time in lieu of someone on the bench. Presednece is there.

Alonzo Highsmith is handing out offers for the Miami Hurricanes and the Pitt Panthers have nine national championships. I don’t know which one strikes me as more crazy. For different reasons. I had absolutely no idea Pitt had that many championships and a former NFL exec is getting involved in recruit evaluations? Solid.

Keys to the game. I have to pat myself on the back. After being called out for bad keys two weeks ago I took it to heart. The last key for this week’s game was clutch. “Stare at the recruiting section.” When all seems lost Miami Hurricane fans just look to the future. The roster is going to be infused with more talent. Mario will recruit his ass off. He will.

We paid bills and as customary went balls before package. The Florida Power Poll was unanimous again. Sad too. The Gators lost to Vandy and UCF lost to Navy but you can’t in good conscious move them below the Miami Hurricanes. Toast and I both agreed FAU would beat Miami. That is where we are.

The ending ruined Scoop’s outro in perpetuity. (His word) Toast let out the faintest hey-o that reminded me of a Carlos Mencia comedic bit. I laugh a lot. It is what I do. But I always laugh the hardest on this show. And when your favorite college team is 5-6, I appreciate the laughter more than you can ever know.

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