The Wake Up

Good morning OBB. The off season buzz is already audible. So much to discuss with the Miami Hurricanes so where do we begin? The offseason season tickets are for sale and Mario is hard at work. The Wake Up is the active recap of what’s going on at Discord-U.

The Greentree

Obviously portal activity is increasingly active and Avante Williams declared his intentions. The sophomore will enter with three more years of eligibility left and finished the 2022 season with only seven tackles.

“I still don’t get what happened with him this year.”

The Orange Bowl Boys had intentions of bringing on the former high school number one safety in the country weekly. But that never materialized. The lack of playing time was the apparent catalyst and James Williams and Kam Kinchens never relinquished their spots. We wish you well Neo.

The Josh Gattis watch has begun. Staff evaluations were reported to take place and we fully do not expect the offensive coordinator to be retained. The Hurricanes averaged 19.4 points per game which ranked them 112th nationally.

We will set the chance that the current staff in its entirety is completely intact in 2023 at .0000098%. The belief is that the offense was dysfunctional and something potentially more innovative will take its place.

“Ok So I’m all caught up in the chat and we still have Gattis??? Damnit man.”

There is a high chance that we will see the return of Tyler Van Dyke next year. The offense had some particularly good moments when he was the starter including a 496 yard blitzkrieg when the Hurricanes faced off vs. UNC. Despite the 27-24 loss, his performance was second only all time to Stephen Morris who threw for 566 in 2012.

Hopefully that performance is the outlier that changes the philosophical approach to how the Hurricanes conduct business in 2023. SMU’s Rhett Lashlee is linked because of past success with Van Dyke, but that relationship is in the past. If Tyler Van Dyke were to hit the portal, many Power 5 teams would leap at the opportunity.

Kamren Kinchens and Lou Hedley deservingly made All-ACC Team selections. The Hurricanes ball hawk was tied for 1st in interceptions nationally with six. Deadly Hedley’s 45.3 yards per punt average ranked him 14th nationally. Hopefully this trend of first team All-ACC selections is a sign of things to come in the Mario Cristobal era.

“Kam made 1st team…That’s impressive.”

Recruiting Central

Miami flipped Collins Acheampong from Michigan and that took the recruiting channel by storm. The fact that Mario Cristobal was able to go 5-7 and poach someone from a potential playoff team was impressive. The flip once again leap frogged the Miami Hurricanes ahead of the Florida Gators in recruiting rankings.

“Nor is it the biggest commit we have coming.” -Leeds, OBB Recruiting Director

The OBB recruiting director also mentioned something about not dying on that “HILL” for much longer. Cristobal is a proven and relentless recruiter. The next three weeks will be a staple of things to come and a validation of the head man’s salary. Top 5 recruiters are about as rare as 1st round quarterbacks.

X's and Ro

With all the #GGG talk I have shifted my gaze on other offenses. I also happened to notice how NFL teams are using pocket elongation and syncing up receiver routes based off of it.

“This is the 7th step. Right hash. No one is looking for the ball except the shallow cross. Which you see what a competent pass game does, everything is in view. -Ro OBBL Managing Editor

Despite the NFL’s rage of playing cover six someone asked me my wish list for potential new coordinators. My number one unequivocal and unrealistically non-feasible option is Tennessee’s Alex Golesh. Anyone with a last name Riley, Warren Ruggierio and Kendal Briles. I have always appreciated Phil Longo but that ship probably has sailed.

“Can we hire Eric Bieniemy as our OC?” -Tony Valdes OBBL Contributor

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